8 Best Bottled Water For Coffee Machine

If you are a caffeine addict, you’d know how important it is to get the right brew for the coffee. While the majority of the people often only focus on the coffee beans and the quality of it, not many pay attention to the water needed for the coffee machine. Using the best-bottled water for the coffee machine can make a lot of difference to the taste. For those who have a coffee machine at home, we’d suggest that you do focus on using bottled water that is good enough for your brew.

To help you pick the most suitable one, we have sorted through some of the best available variants of bottled water available in the market.

Best bottled water for coffee machines UK

Given that you are going to come across several options, we’d suggest that you look into all the available varieties and pick which one seems the best for your liking.

Don’t have time to go through the entire list? Check out our top recommendations in a glimpse!

Check out our Top Recommendation! (Available in the UK as well)

Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water

Natural spring water with neutral pH, most reviewed and sourced from one single source, so you should not face any difference in flavour.

1. Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water

If you have been on the lookout for bottled water with a neutral pH, the Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water is one of the most exceptional options available. The best thing about this water is the fact that it comes from the natural springs and doesn’t undergo unnecessary processing. The bottled water is also sourced from just one location, ensuring that you wouldn’t experience the change in taste every single time that you buy this. It is also bottled close to the source, ensuring better contributions to the environment as well.

This brand has a presence in six different locations. So, you can get your order shipped from the location whichever is closest to you. Isn’t that great? It also does come in a standard package of multiple bottles, so you are good to go.

The brand has been actively investing in environmental progress. This venture in environment conservation ensures that the brand will sustain in the long term and keep natural ecosystems at its best.

You can also use this in your espresso machine like Jura E6, click to see the complete review.

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2. Volvic Natural Spring Water

Yet famous spring water that you can add on to your list of the best bottled water for your coffee machine is the Volvic Natural Spring Water. Even this one has a neutral pH of 7, which ensures the best results for your coffee brew and provides a spot-on taste.

It is bottled in France from the Clairvic Spring, which is located north of the Puy de Dôme. The water is natural filtrated because of the surrounding bed of lava rock that is present around the dormant volcano of Puy de Dôme. The pool has a perfect balance of both magnesium and calcium, which are two of the essential minerals required for the body. The presence of these minerals ensures that your acidity levels are maintained, and you find mouthfeel of the cup of coffee.

If these features aren’t good enough to convince you, we would suggest that you opt for this for the kind of goods that the company does. They have been working with underprivileged in the African continent to make drinking water more accessible. They have also actively taken part in several environmental movements, driving the world for a better tomorrow. 

3. Fiji Water

When it comes to discussing the purified water for coffee, it goes without saying that Fiji Water is an absolute must mention. The brand proclaims their bottled water to be the world’s most excellent water and to be honest; they aren’t wrong with their claims. The water is entirely derived from natural sources, from aquifers, to be precise and doesn’t have any additives or chemicals in them. Being sourced from remote Pacific island explains the entire price point of each of these bottles.

The texture of the water transfers over to the brew of the coffee as well. Still, the only downside to it is the fact that it leaves behind a very metallic and charcoal-like taste in the end which is not something many people enjoy. The burnt aftertaste of the coffee that you get at the end is a hit or misses among people. If you love espresso, the chances are that you will enjoy this, but if you aren’t a big fan of espresso, the coffee might seem a little too strong for your liking.

4. Icelandic Glacial Natural Spring Water

A true coffee lover will suggest you go ahead with Icelandic Glacial natural spring water. It has a unique aroma which gets added to the brew. This natural spring water comes from Iceland. This natural spring water is sourced from the Ölfus Spring, which is located in Iceland. The area around this spring is not just beautiful in the way it looks, but also because of the kind of natural beauty that you get to witness.

The one downside to this bottled water is the fact that it comes with a slightly more alkaline pH at around 8.6. So, if you aren’t that bothered by it and want to buy this anyway, we would suggest that you do go for it. Aside from the fact that it adds a depth of flavour and taste to the coffee, it is also quite amazing in terms of the ease of your digestive system because of the more alkaline pH. It is also carbon-neutral, so you know for a fact that it is suitable for your health too.

Saratoga - One of the best bottled water for coffee machine also available in the UK market

5. Evian Natural Spring Water

Next on the list of the best-distilled water for the coffee machine has to be the Evian Natural Spring Water which is accessible on the budget but adds a lovely flavour and texture to the brewed coffee. It is sourced from the natural springs located on the south shore of Lake Geneva. 

The pH of this bottled water is 7.8, which is pretty decent and doesn’t impose any negative impacts on the taste of the coffee. The best thing about this water is that it contains 3x more calcium and magnesium in comparison to the other available brands. 

The presence of these minerals adds to the creamier and silkier texture of the coffee that you brew in the end. Make sure that you also add in a great creamer to further enhance the flavour of the coffee as well. It does matter quite a bit. The company has been contributing their part to several environmental activities, so you know that you aren’t giving your money to someone that doesn’t care about the environment. The company is working to become carbon neutral and is on the way to achieve success with that.

6. LIFEWTR Bottled Water

The LIFEWTR bottled water is a purified and pH balanced water that comes with added electrolytes. Electrolytes have better health impacts when you drink coffee. Another good thing is, it comes in sick packaging.

Unlike the Fiji bottled water that does impact the aroma of the final brew, it ensures to keep the authentic taste, making this a good option nonetheless. The added electrolytes in the water do impact the definitive flavour a bit. Still, it is manageable and doesn’t cause a lot of impacts.

LIFEWATR is a lot better than the tap water you have, mainly because it adds more depth of flavour to the espresso shot that you are brewing. It does make the coffee taste a little more bitter, so if that is something you don’t like, this might not be your best pick. One thing to note though, it is available at great price!

7. Mountain Valley Spring Water

With the tag of being titled as the best tasting water twice in a row, the Mountain Valley Spring Water is one of the best available spring water that you can use for your coffee machine. The brand also claims it to be one of the best bottled waters for coffee uk.

The presence of oxygen and metallic ions helps in bringing out the final taste of the coffee beans. This essence is one of the reasons why Mountain Valley is so famous and mostly preferred by coffee admirers.

It does have a clean water taste, which doesn’t meddle with the flavour of the coffee. If you are brewing this, coffee connoisseurs suggest that you brew this with Joe for better flavour, texture and obviously, the taste as well.

8. Saratoga Natural Spring Water

Lastly, the Saratoga Natural Spring Water is the best available variants that you can pick for a perfect morning brew. Apart from the blue glass packaging, the clean taste of the water is what makes is the ideal option for your coffee machine. It has a very light aroma that doesn’t meddle with the taste of the coffee. It is a little expensive in comparison, so you do need to weigh out the pros and cons before you end up purchasing them. 

Can I use bottled water in my coffee machine?

Now, most of you have are under this dilemma, whether to use this kind of water or go ahead and use tap water. These packed water have mineral content added in them. It helps in increasing minerals intake, which we do not happen to take otherwise.

Now, when we are brewing coffee using this water, these mineral content gets transferred to your cup of coffee, and it can be healthy. It can act as a balanced diet, and you no longer need to bother about losing essential nutrients, since they are getting consumed through a cup of coffee that you love!

Is it OK to use distilled water to make coffee?

There are lots of people who prefer to use distilled water or tap water. Using distilled water is fine if you want to use it. You might have noticed that it doesn’t have any taste, and it doesn’t even cause any issues with the espresso machine. 

The tap water is usually hard. The hard water is formed by percolation of water through deposits of limestone, chalk and gypsum. The percolation is the reason for a high amount of mineral contents in water. To fix that, we can use reverse osmosis to get soft water and use it for coffee brewing. 

How does reverse osmosis work?

In this method, we increase the pressure on the salt side of the RO membrane, which leaves behind almost 96-99 % per cent of salts or solids dissolved in water in the reject stream. The amount of pressure applied/ required is dependent on the content or percentage of salts present in the machine. The higher the rate, higher will be pressure needed for reverse osmosis. The resultant water obtained can be used as water for coffee brewing. You can read more details here.

Summary – Buying the best bottled water for your coffee machine!

We hope that this provides you with a clear idea of the best available bottled water for the coffee machine. We have sorted some based on their sources and even the kind of taste it imparts in the end. If you are not a fan of this water, you can always use distilled water to get that perfect cup of coffee.

Another great option is to go ahead and use tap water, which is the best option in my humble opinion. Just make sure that you treat it using the method we described above, and you are good to go. Also, worth to mention that all products mentioned here are available for sale in the Canada as well, along with UK and USA. What kind of water do you use for coffee brewing? Do let us know in the comments below! We can use them or feature them in our blog post as well.

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