Is Coffee Bad for Dogs? Find out now!

Short answer: Yes, coffee is bad for dogs!

It feels tempting to let your dog experience the same energy outburst that we experience after sipping a cup of coffee. But as vets and animal experts would tell you, this is a mistake. Many of the foods that humans love to consume are sickening for dogs. Coffee is one such food.

How coffee affects dogs?

If your dog did consume coffee, it would act the same way as it does in humans. Caffeine, the main component found in coffee, acts as a stimulant for the central nervous system. So they will too feel the sudden energy outburst of energy.

But the intolerance of coffee for dogs is much higher than for an average human. Therefore, they can suffer from a coffee overdose, even in smaller amounts.

The coffee dosage for dogs depends on breed, size, age, and coffee drinking habit. The smaller species like Chihuahuas can’t even tolerate 0.1 oz of coffee beans, equivalent to 3 ounces of brewed coffee. Larger breeds like Labradors can consume more amounts.

After drinking coffee above their threshold, they’ll likely feel irritated and sick. They may circle, walk hurriedly in and out, or sleep with a sad face.

What to do if a dog accidentally consumed coffee?

Dogs are notorious for consuming or at least biting things that they shouldn’t. So if they drink the coffee that’s splattered on the floor, there’s very little you can do. You have to let the effects of coffee reduce over time, which will make him or her feel better.

If you see signs of toxicity, then it’s best to rush to a vet. For more details, do check out this link.

Find out - Is coffee bad for dogs?

To sum up

As a responsible owner, you should keep your dog away from coffee products. But you can try out those coffee products that are meant for dogs.

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