Best Espresso Machine For Small Business to buy in 2021

Imagine yourself opening a small business; the customers are coming, discussions are taking place on each table with the soothing and robust coffee cup. So, while you are thinking of building your coffee shop, you will need the top coffee machine to keep with the volume and entice the customers.

There is no need to mention the importance of the best espresso machines when you own a coffee shop. Small businesses cannot afford any mistakes. Once a rumour has started, people will spread it to the whole world in no time, and the brand image will suffer.

Therefore, you need to be prepared to deal with the most challenging customers, and the best espresso machine can help your brand look appealing. In comparison to the traditional coffee-making process, the espresso machines are donned with numerous advantages.

If you are in the market to find the coffee machine for your small company to fulfil the growing customer’s demands, this article is made for you. Along with the top reviews of products, you will find the buyer’s guide to help you with your buying journey at the end.

Top 5 Best Espresso Machine For Small Business – Detailed Reviews

1. Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine

If you are looking for a mid-tier semi-automatic espresso machine at an affordable price, there is no better choice than Breville BES870XL Barista Express espresso machine. The machine allows you to make delicious café-like espresso with ease and perfection.

breville bes870xl barista

The whole design of the machine is made for business. The hefty steel portafilter, handle attachment, and stainless steel chassis offers a rugged look. With this machine, you are provided with the features of super-automatic and premium semi-automatic espresso machines.

The most impressive feature about the espresso machine is that all the functions are placed conveniently on the accessible areas. Besides, you can move the steam wand in different directions, making the machine easy to use.

The customizable settings allow you to make your coffee according to your preference. You can adjust the grind amount, tamp, grind size to make the balanced espresso shot. Equipped with a fast heating system, the Breville BES870XL provides you with freshly brewed coffee at an ideal temperature in just fifteen seconds.

Lastly, the machine comes with a large water tank capacity suitable for large servings. To prepare creamy beverages, the Aeroccino 3 milk frother is attached to the machine. Moreover, you should not worry about the huge electricity bills as the energy-efficient mode shuts down the device after nine minutes of inactivity automatically.

Checkout the following video, where we have walked through the features of this following machine.


  • Easily operable coffee machine.
  • Six different types of beverages can be prepared by this machine.
  • Default settings to get started.
  • Able to brew espresso within 15 seconds.
  • Large water tank capacity.
  • Durable quality material used for construction.


  • Requires regular maintenance.
  • Water filters may be expensive.

2. EspressoWorks Espresso Machine & Cappuccino Maker

EspressoWorks Espresso Machine is regarded as the best-seller for small business with an affordable price tag and convenient size. If you want to experiment while creating espressos at your coffee shop, this set of espresso machine is entirely made for you.

espressoworks with 7 piece setup

You will be amazed by the functioning of this little machine that fulfils all your espresso requirements. The device offers excellent working components to make the starter set for cappuccinos and espressos.

The seven-piece set consists of a portafilter, bean grinder, tamper, two cups, and frothing cup. That means you have everything in one machine to make espressos and take your small business to new heights.

With a 15 bar Italian pump, you get the decisive shot to make a perfect cup of espresso. The portafilters are used for wet ground extraction. If you want to prepare a latte, the swivel steam wand offers to froth and steam the milk as per your requirements. Moreover, the cup keeps the taste intact and drinks warm for a long time.

You will not find any difficulty while keeping a check on the water level. The front view water tank allows convenient and easy monitoring of the water levels without moving the machine. Additionally, you can remove and refill the water tank with an in-built handle.

The machine is suitable for people who admire simplicity. The users are most impressed with the fast speed, coffee temperature, overall quality, and ease of use of the product.

Checkout the following video to see it in action.


  • Highly durable machine with stainless steel build.
  • Includes 15 bar Italian pump.
  • Drinks are ready in under 45 seconds.
  • Manual steam wand for milk frothing.
  • Includes single and double shot filter baskets.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.


  • Blade bean grinder does not provide grind consistency.

3. Nuova Simonelli Oscar II Espresso Machine

Semi-automatic machines are new and increasingly adapting fashion in the coffee-making culture. The Nuova Simonelli Oscar II Espresso Machine is the best in providing high performance and quality. The machine is highly portable, making it best for commercial purposes.

nuova simonelli - one of the best espresso machine for small business

From modern construction to materials, everything in this machine is made to last longer. One thing worth noticing about the device is that the manual extraction pump. With the extraction pump, the water will effortlessly pass through your coffee. You have full control over the water quantity. So, you can raise it for a lighter dose and lower it down to enjoy a saturated taste.

Comes with a 6.5-litre boiler; you can enjoy 150 to 200 servings in a day. The espresso machine extracts the flavours from the coffee ground to provide fresh and delicious coffee. Made for commercial purposes, the taste of the coffee is highly aromatic and professional.

The Nuova Simonelli tops the list with its user-friendly interface. Equipped with a polished steel front, this machine features a coffee dispenser with accessible four buttons on the top for control. Additionally, the level helps to dispense the espresso in the cups.

You can easily access the water reservoir from the top. Besides, you will get a hot plate that keeps the freshly brewed coffee cups warm as long as they stay under the plate. Moreover, the drip tray will protect the nearby area from any drips and spills.

No one would like to take the responsibility of maintaining and cleaning the espresso machine. That is why manufacturers have made Nuova Simonelli easy to clean. It requires moderate cleaning with just a brush and hot water.

Checkout the following video to know more about the features offered.


  • A commercial like high-quality brewing.
  • Fingerprint and scratch-resistant body.
  • Great aroma and taste.
  • Portable design
  • Minimal and straightforward user interface.
  • Automatically refills itself.


  • No tamper, carafe, and grinder included.
  • No de-scaling cycle.

4. Gaggia Brera Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Suppose you have just started your coffee shop and looking for the top and high-quality espresso machine. In that case, Gaggia Brera Super espresso is highly regarded as the best brewer for cafes and small offices. To operate this machine, you won’t require any prior knowledge of technical or brewing skills.

With a user-friendly design, you will learn all the basics of brewing a perfect cup of coffee before you change to an advanced coffee machine. Furthermore, the features like rapid steam, programmable settings, water filter compatibility, LED screen, and bean-to-cup technology make this machine stand out among the rest.

The machine’s smart system allows you to adjust the speed and grind time to meet your roast requirements. Just confirm your type of roasting, and the machine will take care of the rest. This way, the risk of potential blockage is also reduced while operating the machine.

All credit goes to the high-quality brewing system, which offers a premium bean-to-cup-experience at your dispersal. Featuring a bean hopper, this machine can hold eight-ounce coffee beans, while the flat ceramic burr grinder can retain the coffee bean’s flavour and aroma.

Not just functionality, the design of the machine is also impressive. With a unique Made-In-Italy style, Gaggia Brera is an indispensable part of the Italian coffee industry, boasting decades of expertise.


MaterialStainless steel
Dimensions12.4 x 10 x 17.5 inches
Weight29.7 pounds
Water tank capacity40 oz
Bean hopper capacity8.8 oz
Pump Pressure19 bars
Maximum cup height4.5 inches
Removable drip tray and removable water reservoirYes

Checkout the following video to see it in action.


  • Compact, sleek and appealing design.
  • Easy to program with super-auto settings.
  • Easy to clean and maintain the brewer.
  • Equipped with an inbuilt burr grinder.
  • Three espresso strength levels to select from.
  • Energy efficient device.


  • Features an average water tank capacity.
  • Plastic parts are not durable for a long time.

5. De’Longhi La Specialista

Are you frustrated with repeated grinding and tampering your coffee with regular machines? Don’t worry; De’Longhi La Specialista is here to solve your problem with its exceptional features and versatility. The device has been constructed using stainless steel and offers two-in-one functions. You can enjoy mocha, latte, cappuccino, and espresso at your convenience.

Delonghi la specialista

The overall design is quite appealing. The use of stainless steel is excellent as it will protect the machine from impact damage, corrosion, and rust. Moreover, it can handle high temperatures. The steam wand, cup warmers, and drip tray are made from stainless steel to offer exceptional durability.

As for the brewing capacity, the product is excellent to use at home or coffee shops. With a 2-litre water tank capacity, you won’t require to fill the tank frequently. Once filled, it will last for weeks, depending on your consumption. Also, there are three presets for Americano, Coffee, and Espresso.

What makes a coffee machine most preferred among the customers? It is an excellent and straightforward user-interface. De’Longhi La Specialista’s control panel offers you full control and simplicity of use. The interface comprises various dials and buttons to operate the machine.

The steam wand comes with two modes, flat and foam. Moreover, you will find a smart tamping station. Just pull the lever to the left, and it will automatically tamp the portafilter. Also, the grinder will start working as soon as you place the portafilter.

With Active Temperature Control technology, you can control and adjust the temperature accurately. Additionally, the Thermo coil heating system offers excellent temperature stability.

Therefore, with some fantastic and unique technology, the machine offers a premium quality design that you won’t find in other espresso machines.


MaterialStainless steel
Dimensions14.48 x 12.48 x 14 inches
Weight29.7 pounds
Water tank capacity2 litres or 67 ounces
Milk FrotherBuilt-in
Pump Pressure19 bars
Maximum cup height12 cm
Removable drip tray and removable water reservoirYes

Checkout the following video to see it in action.


  • Features quick startup system, which takes less than 1 second to start.
  • Includes smart tamping system.
  • Has active temperature control system, which keeps the temperature of water constant throughout the brewing.
  • There is dual heating system to implement the temperature control system.
  • Separate boilers for heating steaming and brewing.
  • Features sensor grinding technology to include just the right amount of coffee.
  • Includes self cleaning feature.
  • Backed with two year warranty.


  • It cannot accommodate travel mugs or large cups.
  • Comes with an expensive price tag.

What To Look For In The Best commercial espresso machine for small business?

The next time you order a cappuccino or latte at any coffee shop, just roam around to observe how they assemble your beverage. Notice how the portafilter is loaded with finely ground coffee powder made from a highly efficient grinder.

Watch, when the portafilter is secured in the machine, and the button is pressed, how the machine delivers you will the flavorful and aromatic coffee of your taste.

how to select the best commercial espresso maker?

Espresso shots are the heart and soul of any large or small business. Therefore, you need the best espresso machine that tops the list of quality and performance. By, now you have read the reviews, but how would you choose the right product for your small business.

Don’t worry, as we have devoted this section to provide you with sufficient information to choose the right espresso machines by considering the essential features. So, read along to start your buying journey with us.

1. Types Of Automatic Espresso Machine

Before you purchase the espresso machine, it is better to get familiar with espresso machine’s common automatic types. If you know the difference between the various classifications, it will become easier for you to decide.

The most standard espresso machines available in the market:

  • Volumetric or Automatic Espresso Machines.
  • Automatic Espresso Machines with Manual setting for dosing.
  • Semi-automatic Espresso Machines.
  • Direct-connect and Pour-Over Machines.

Let us discuss the features and functioning of the machines in detail.

2. Volumetric Or Automatic Espresso Machines

An automatic espresso machine is best suited for the busiest coffee shops and restaurants that would like to deliver high-quality drinks quickly. The automatic machine handles everything from dosing the water in espresso shots to ending the extraction cycle when the required water is utilized.

After that, the coffee is ready with single or double shots, and you just need to press the button, and the machine will pour the drink into your cup. Every time you pour the coffee, the quality and consistency of the coffee remain constant.


  • Easy to use for beginners and professionals.
  • Faster in the process than other machines.
  • Unwavering quality.
  • Save your time and efforts.


  • Customization options are limited.

3. Automatic Espresso Machine With Manual Settings For Dosing

If you would like a machine somewhere between semi-automatic and automatic espresso machine, you have the best of both worlds with this latest model. The automatic machine comes with the customizable and manual options of a semi-automatic machine.

With manual dosing options, the automatic machine allows you to customize your orders as per your preference instead of using the pre-programmed options.


  • Easy to operate and use.
  • Customize your shots according to your requirements.
  • Ability to use consistent programmed dosing.


  • They are more expensive than other machine types.

4. Semi-automatic Espresso Machines

Popular among professionals and experts, the semi-automatic machine offers more control over the machines to make the best espresso in town. With the semi-automatic machine, you can choose when to begin and end the brew cycle. The buttons and levers allow you to perform the functions effectively.

The machine is not entirely automatic, so you have the control to monitor the water pressure with levers’ help.


  • Great for beginners to practice their skills.
  • More control over the functions.
  • Includes manual lever for water pressure control.


  • Quality of drink may vary due to the user’s skills.
  • Slower in comparison to automatic machine.

5. Direct-Connect And Pour-Over Machines

All espresso machines are either direct-connect or pour-over doesn’t matter if it’s automatic or semi-automatic.

In pour-over machines, you need to refill the water reservoir manually whenever it is empty. The advantage of the pour-over machine is that you don’t have to connect the machine to a waterline, meaning it can be placed and stored anywhere. However, the only downside is to fill the reservoir whenever it runs out of water.

On the other hand, you have a direct-connect machine connected with the waterline. The machine will refill the water reservoir every time it runs dry.

6. Deciding Your Budget

After you have set your mind and heart on one type of espresso machine, it is time to decide your budget. Undoubtedly, the budget makes a crucial aspect of how much you can invest in an espresso machine.

The good news is, espresso machines come in a wide range of prices. There are many budget-friendly machines equipped with all the essential features in the market. However, if you can spend more than average, there are more options with additional features available to you. We even have some good options under $1500.

Make sure you don’t invest your money in a machine that can’t meet your requirements. Only the right machine, no matter the cost, can save your money. Therefore, it is necessary to compare the features before selecting them due to the affordable price. Eventually, only you can decide what kind of machine is perfect for your small business as per its price.

7. Single, Double, Or Heat Exchange Boilers?

Another crucial factor in deciding before purchasing the machine is how much you will be able to sell in a day, week, or month. The volume of drinks made and consumed varies daily. Therefore, you should think about the number of groups and types of the boiler before selecting the espresso machine.

You can find three types of boilers, including dual, single, and heat exchange boilers. The boilers help to make steam and keep the temperature consistent. The machine with one boiler will work slower and can either steam or brew.

The double boilers and heat exchange boilers can steam and brew simultaneously and are most commonly used in businesses. However, the heat exchange boilers are, in fact, a single boiler that accommodates both brewing and steaming simultaneously. As the name implies, Dual boilers comprise two separate boilers, one for brewing and the other for steaming.

If you are confused between the three boilers which one is best for your small business, carefully observe your business requirements. A heat exchange boiler beat the other two with its speed and affordable price tag. If you would like to serve espresso to a large group, a heat exchange boiler is the best choice.

8. Ease Of Use And Maintenance

Each espresso machine comes with different controls and functions. Therefore, some are easy to use and operate as compared to the other machines. You need to identify your and your employee’s expertise over different types of espresso machines.

If your small business is equipped with new and fresh recruits, an automatic espresso machine makes an ideal choice. And, if you have seasoned employees, you can go for semi-automatic espresso machines.

Most automatic espresso machines come with self-cleaning features. But you need to de-scale them regularly. In that case, you can choose the automatic machines with removable parts for manual deep cleaning. You can also train your employee on how to remove and then assemble the machine.

Semi-automatic machines come with removable parts, but you need to de-scale the machine manually. However, these are easier to clean than automatic machines because they don’t include complicated machinery like coffee grinders.

No matter what type of machine you select, it should be durable and easy to repair if any technical or other problems arise. Therefore, always go for the espresso machine, which offers a reasonable warranty period.

The importance of maintenance and cleaning should never leave your mind when you purchase espresso machines. If you cannot maintain and clean the machine regularly, look for the auto-cleaning feature or the removable parts models.

9. Size Of The Espresso Machines

The espresso machines’ size perfect for your business can be judged by its dimensions and the water tank capacity.


For dimensions, take a look at the location where you are going to place the machine. The medium-sized espresso machine can serve about nine cups of coffee, perfect for household or small parties.

If you want to use the machine for commercial purposes, you should look for a large machine with automatic features. It will help to speed up the brewing time and can work effortlessly under pressure.

Water Tank Capacity

Always consider the capacity of the water tank before selecting the espresso machine. Most machines come with sufficient capacity to serve enough cups. Smaller machines can some about four cups. The large espresso machine has a large water tank capacity, which saves your time to refill and remove the water frequently.

10. Certifications

Espresso Machines are certified for different qualities and features by various agencies. Some certifications are based on your location, while others are valid nationally. Having a certified espresso machine will grant the health inspector to acknowledge that you follow all the guidelines.

National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) certification indicates that the machine meets the standard requirements. Another necessary certification is Underwriter Laboratories.

Final Thoughts

Have you already chosen the star of your small business? If yes, then many congratulations to you. From selecting the products to considering the factors, the whole selection process must have been an exciting experience for you. Now, you are undoubtedly ready to establish your small business.

If you are still on the lookout for the best espresso machine for small businesses, you can re-read our detailed reviews and buying guide. We believe this article has provided you with some useful information and suggestions to help you reach a well-informed decision.

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