Jura D6 Review 2021 – Should you buy one?

It is always amazing to have brewed your cup of espresso yourself than to wait in long lines at a café. You just need to have ideal equipment that enables you to make the perfect cup of coffee.

On top of that, if you can tweak your cup of coffee or make cappuccino or Americano, that would be a bonus.

This is one of the reasons why we have the Jura D6 review article. It is a great deal to make the desired type of coffee. It also saves you from the inconvenience of rushing to the local coffee shop for a cup of coffee. 

Using the Jura D6 Automatic Coffee Machine, you can now start your day with a hot, steamy barista-quality coffee. With its list of unique features and the menu it comes with, coffee making at home is pretty simple. Let’s learn about this coffee machine in more detail.

About The Brand – Jura

Jura is one among those high-tech companies to have produced a handful of unique technologies. It is a Swiss company. Let’s take a peek at some of the specialties curated by Jura:

  1. Aroma G2: Through this technology, Jura grinders give rise to a highly saturated aroma to the coffee base. The blades of the grinder are curated to offer as many flavors and aromas.
  2. P.E.P.: Jura uses Pulse Extraction Process to extract the ground flavors. This results in evenly saturated coffee spouting out.
  3. ESM: Jura saves energy by using the Energy Saving Model and keeps the overall usage to low-profile.
  4. CLEARYL Filter: Some of the products by Jura use a CLEARYL filter that keeps the water pure, washing away the unwanted flavors and smell from the water.
  5. I.W.S.: This unique technology indicates when the CLEARYL filter needs to be replaced.

Jura 15216 Super automatic espresso maker D6 – Basic details

Dimensions11 x 13.6 x 16.3 inches
Weight19.2 lbs (Shipping weight will be slightly higher)
Programmable and manually adjustable coffee strength levels4
Programmable brewing temperature2
Programmable temperature of hot levels2
Individual drink variable brewing size5 – 16 grams
GrinderAroma G2 Grinder
Adjustable coffee and hot water spout heights2.5 – 4.3 inches
Water tank capacity63.6 oz
Bean hopper capacity7.1 oz
Cable length3.6 feet
Number of specialty coffees7
Compatible drinksEspresso, 2 x Espresso, Coffee, 2 x Coffee, Cappuccino, milk foam, hot water.
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Jura D6 Review – Introduction

d6 cover image

The Jura D6 is a perfect combination of elegance and simplicity. The Aroma G2 grinder and the rotary dial complement the machine well to make your favorite coffee with freshly ground coffee beans.

The appearance of the device is also heightened with the matte, gloss black finish with a chrome accent.

You can expect to be sipping barista-quality beverages with the press of a button using the Jura D6. The intuitive dials and the plain text display the seven specialty products: espresso, coffee, two coffees, cappuccino, milk foam, and hot water for tea. 

The thermoblock heating system used in D6, along with the 15-bar pump, makes drinking your coffee fast and full of flavor. Just the perfect treat for coffee purists!

This brewer uses the Pulse Extraction Process exclusively, which is the reason behind the coffee’s exceptional and professional barista quality.

The CLEARYL smart filtering feature clears the water off any chlorine, lead, aluminum, or copper so that nothing bars the rich flavor of the beverages.

What’s In the Box?

When shipped to your doorstep, the package comes in one box containing the necessary materials. Along with the package, you will find a single piece of the Jura D6 machine. 

The box also includes a Jura Care Kit. The kit consists of a pack of two cleaning tablets, a Claris Blue filter, user manuals, a pre-ground coffee scoop, and a hose with a connector. You will also find an extra air valve and a water hardness testing strip.


Full Specifications of Jura D6 15216

1. Specialties

Products that you’ll be able to make using the Jura D6 are espresso, 2 x espresso, coffee, 2 x coffee, cappuccino, a portion of milk foam, and hot water. You get to make a total number of seven specialty coffees.

2. JURA Standards

Jura D6 makes use of the Pulse Extraction Process with a variable brewing unit of 5-16g. This factor is responsible for the rich flavors of the coffee. The machine uses Aroma G2 for its grinder.

The device is equipped with a Thermoblock heating system to enable you to drink your rich, flavored coffee faster. 

3. Operating And Programming Standards

control knobs

The operating and programming standards of Jura D6 are highly compatible with J.O.E. The machine has a rotary switch and a plain text display. The amount of water to be used is programmable and individually adjustable.

There are four programming and individually adjustable coffee strength levels, two brewing temperature levels, and two hot water temperature levels.

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4. In Figures

Let’s talk about the dimensions of the various components of the machine. 

You can adjust the height of the coffee spout, which is 2.5-4.3 inches in size. The capacity of the water tank of the coffee machine is 63.6oz. The bean container of the appliance can hold up to 7.1oz of coffee beans.

The coffee grounds container is made in size for approximately 16 servings.

A 3.6 feet long cable powers the coffee machine. Jura D6 uses up to 120V of power with a 10amp ampacity. On the contrary, it has 0 Watt of standby power.

The Jura D6 weighs a good 19.2 lbs and is 11 inches in width, 13.6 inches in height, and 16.3 inches in depth.


The Basic Design

Let’s learn the working of the Jura D6 espresso machine from the start till the end.

Bean hopper

The bean hopper on the right side of the machine has a lid sealing the beans to keep them fresh for a more extended period. It also features the grind adjustment you need to change the flavor of your coffee.

At the top center of the machine is the maintenance chute. Most coffee machines in the market come with detachable brew groups. However, D6 comes with its own brew group.

Cleaning and maintenance

When the machine prompts, you can clean the inside of the machine through the hatch opening of the chute. You can proceed by dropping in the Jura Cleaning Tablet.

You can store the cups in front of the chute to warm them when you wish to have a drink. The left side of the machine features the water reservoir. You have the option to fill the reservoir while it is in the device, or you can remove it and place it on the sink to fill it. We have step by step guide for cleaning your machine here.

Water filter

water tank

Jura D6 features Jura SMART Filters that enhance the taste of your coffee without having you descale the machine. Scaling is when the heating of water creates scale deposits in it. Filters remove such minerals from the water to avoid scaling your machine. This maintenance is crucial.

Jura is known to provide the only filters that may be the solution to scales in your machine.

As the name suggests, the front-loading drip tray is on the front, along with the dreg box. D6 is contrastingly different compared to the capsule machines. It does not use pre-ground coffee beans from a cup, but it is the real deal. 

The D6 process is bean-to-cup so that after brewing a cup of coffee, the dreg box holds the grounds while the drip tray holds the drips. For a more effortless coffee-brewing experience, the Jura D6 is designed to notify you when it needs cleaning.


The Beverages you can prepare using Jura D6

As you read above, the Jura D6 offers six specialty drinks. Now you can browse through the menu and click on espresso on the dial button for a cup of espresso. Jura uses the P.E.P. brewing to make espresso, which eases the extraction process and pulses the water via the coffee puck.

The resulting brewed espresso by Jura D6 is deliciously rich in flavor, with a creamy texture and frothy consistency.

Unlike espresso, D6 doesn’t use P.E.P. for brewing coffee or other beverages and can go on up to 8 oz. at a time.

Dual spouts

dispensing using dual spouts

Moreover, D6 enables you to brew to coffees at a time by using its spouts. The coffee brewed in D6 tastes far better than capsule machines as it uses freshly ground whole beans.

As for the cappuccino by D6, you can rest assured that it would be a delight to your palate at such a price. You can’t resist taking sips over sips of your coffee that you brew in this machine. Make sure that the milk container is connected to the machine while you select cappuccino on the menu.

When you switch it open, the machine will pour out some milk, followed by a few ounces of espresso into the cup. You will get to have a nice, warm, frothy drink with a cap of foam on it. It is even pretty effortless to make!


Brewing milk based beverages

milk container for milk based drinks

Now, for the milk dispenser, you need to manipulate its programming, which is easy.

Press and hold the button that shows “P” on it and choose the Button option. Here on, you get to select which drink you want to program. Click the button, and adjust the volume of the drink, its temperature, and strength. More details about the Jura milk system can be found in this article.

As you program the machine for a cappuccino, you have the option to adjust the “Milk” setting, which decides how the milk dispenses while brewing a cappuccino.

The machine uses up to 16g of coffee per serve, so you can expect a strong coffee brewed in the Jura D6. The number is quite big compared to other machines.


Upgrades And Accessories

jura d6 review image

The accessories that complement the set-up of the Jura D6 Coffee Machine are the glass Jura Milk Container. You also have the Jura Smart Connect, which is a Bluetooth receiver.

The optional receiver is placed on the machine front and enables you to connect to the J.O.E. app on your smart device. 

You can then select your favorite type of drink from the menu on the app, and the machine will brew with just the tap of a finger.

The Primary Features of the Jura D6 Coffee Machine

The machine comes with some attractive features for the best of purposes. You can then use this automatic coffee brewing machine to your optimal engagement. Here are the key elements of the Jura D6 Coffee Machine.

1. Ease Of Operation

Jura D6 automatic coffee brewing center can move at a switch roll. It comes easily integrated with a rotatable switch. There are 11 languages for you to choose from in the plain text display. You must switch on the button for the perfect brew. In case you are having difficulties in usage, you can refer the user manual here.

2. Milk Foam Technology

Jura D6 portrays the best foaming technology in the market. It can feature milk foam using flag light stability. With the elegant and advanced-built espresso machine by Jura, you can be sure of brewing specialty coffee just like professionals with the push of a button.

3. Elegant Design

Jura entitles all its espresso machines with high-end materials crafted with uncompromising quality pertaining to every detail of smooth lines. Jura D6 also includes these facilities.

It is the perfect size to fit a tiny space, and the appearance of a matte, glossy finish to the exterior of the machine keeps it trendy. The graceful design of the coffee machine keeps you going with your espresso life.


4. Efficient Boiler and Grinder System

The single boiler of the Jura D6 Coffee Machine and the burr grinder system portray excellent efficiency and durability. This is one of the reasons for the high price of the machine. The best thing about the grinder is that it facilitates five ground levels to your convenience.

Pros Of the Jura D6

  • Extracts the most out of the flavor and aroma of the coffee.
  • Prompts cleaning and maintenance requirements.
  • Equipped with a burr grinder and bean hopper.
  • Complements commercial stations.
  • Flexible to several types of coffees.
  • Excellent frothing and steaming automation.

Cons Of the Jura D6

  • Occupies greater counter space with less top clearance.
  • Not compatible with pre-ground coffee.

[Video] Reviewing Jura D6 espresso machine

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Jura better than DeLonghi?

    When getting a good deal for affordable rates is the primary concern, you should definitely go with Jura. They curate the highest quality products with a significant quantum of features. Jura is relatively better than DeLonghi in several perspectives.
    Jura gives you expert quality coffee, while DeLonghi is meant for a regular cup of coffee at home.

  2. How long does the Jura D6 Coffee Machine last?

    The usual period for a Jura D6 Coffee Machine should last up to 5-7 years. With proper maintenance and timely descaling, you can expect it to work for couple of more years.

  3. How often should I clean my Jura coffee machine?

    Jura D6 is featured to prompt you when it needs cleaning. Usually, it takes about 50 liters of water usage every 1-2 months, depending on the usage gaps of the coffee machine.

  4. Which is better, Jura or Saeco?

    If you have a relatively bigger budget, Jura would be the most appropriate choice for you. Jura machines are totally warranted with excellent customer service as well.
    But, if you’re someone who’s planning to take up a coffee machine for the first time or home baristas within your budget, Saeco would make a good choice.

  5. How many colors is the Jura D6 espresso machine available in?

    Jura has designed two variants of its D6 model: Piano Black and Platinum. Both look phenomenally elegant with the matte finish to them that never goes out of style.

  6. How does Jura add perfection to their Jura D6 Coffee Machine?

    The Jura D6 coffee center uses the Pulse Extraction Process to brew coffee. It comprises a high-pressure pump and the Aroma G2 grinder. The P.E.P. adds to the richness and flavor of the coffee, while the aroma cover helps preserve its aroma.
    The equipped high-pressure pump pushes water to the coffee grounds to give more relish to the coffee. These features provided in the Jura D6 Coffee Machine add to the perfection of their coffee.

  7. How much clearance is needed above the top of the machine to comfortably handle water and beans?

    The water filling part of the lid is 2 ½ with the sliding container out. Moreover, the side lid of the coffee beans section is also 2 ½. The clearance required for the waterside for the top is 2 ½ inches, and it is similar for the bean lid opening as well. The rest of the clearance relies on how you fill the bean side.

Final Verdict – Jura D6 review

Now that you’ve reached this far, you are well acquainted with the capabilities of the Jura D6 Automatic Coffee Machine. It is the irreplaceable model of the Jura series and is the supreme of all of them. It is a mutual belief that the machine may appear to be a bit pricey.

However, when you look into it deeper, you learn that the features that Jura bestows in its D6 Coffee Machine outweigh its price. It, therefore, makes a highly great deal performance-wise if you’re looking for a pro spice added to your own-brewed coffee.

The high-tech automatic coffee machine that the Jura D6 is surpasses other Jura models and other coffee machines in the market. In terms of its performance and features, Jura D6 makes the top choice for barista coffee makers.

However, you know your requirements best. Whether it is your budget you want to fulfill or a good value for your money, you can make your judgment. After having read through this review blog, you can now make an informative decision on purchasing a machine that suits your needs. You can also checkout our review of Jura Ena Micro 5, which is in the similar range offered by Jura.

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Checkout our Jura D6 review where we have highlighted all the features offered by the device along with demo while dispensing coffee and coffee quality.

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