Jura E6 Review 2023 – Is it worth buying?

Jura is popularly known for manufacturing high-quality coffee machines. The Jura E6 review is one of their efficient machines that offers fantastic coffee taste with its intelligent technology. 

Do you feel tired just by waking up and realising that you have a long and hectic day ahead full of meetings and conferences? Thinking about what could be the best way to refresh yourself to survive the day?

The simplest answer would be to have a cup of strong and aromatic espresso coffee. However, your tight schedule doesn’t allow you to make a perfectly brewed espresso. Then, you are left with the option of buying a reliable coffee machine.

If you are looking for one such machine, this is the right place for you. We are reviewing the coffee maker from a well-known and trusted brand, Jura.

So, let’s begin with the review to help you make coffee anytime you want effortlessly.

Jura 15070 Super automatic espresso maker E6 – Basic details

Dimensions11 x 13.8 x 17.3 inches
Weight21.6 lbs (Shipping weight is about 24.2 lbs)
Programmable and manually adjustable coffee strength levels8
Programmable brewing temperature2
Programmable temperature of hot levels3
Individual drink variable brewing size5 – 16 grams
GrinderAroma G3 Grinder
Milk systemHP1
Adjustable coffee and hot water spout heights2.6 – 4.4 inches
Water tank capacity63.6 oz
Bean hopper capacity9.9 oz
Cable length3.6 feet
Number of specialty coffees7
Compatible drinksEspresso, 2 x Espresso, Coffee, 2 x Coffee, Cappuccino, milk foam, hot water.
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Jura E6 super automatic espresso machine : Features offered?

With this super-automatic espresso machine, you can prepare coffee in a matter of seconds. The features and functionalities such as an intelligent water system, coffee customizable options, and P.E.P. brewing make the machine a perfect pick.

Jura E6 comes with a sleek, intuitive, yet relatively simple design. Even though this is a super-automatic machine, you have more manual options to control the device. Also, you will find the model among the expensive coffee makers, but it is worth every penny.

cover image

You can easily brew and steam the milk with just one button and dial. With an integrated burr grinder, you can have consistent coffee grounds. Moreover, you can pre-infuse the coffee with a smart Pre-brew Aroma System to provide excellent coffee extraction.


What’s In The Box?

Weighing just 9.8 kg, the machine is not that big of a size and comes with modest dimensions. It measures 35 X 28 X 44 cm. The compact size will not take much space on your kitchen counter.

The reason for the compact size is that it has a separate milk container, unlike other models at the same price range. Further, there is a small hose where you can attach the milk nozzle to the machine. That is only required when you want to make cappuccinos or lattes.

You will find the water filter, which has a paper strip to test the tap water. By doing so, you can check how hard the water is and whether you should replace the filter. Moreover, you can easily find the filters online.

The coffee machine uses about 98 percent of water. So, the quality of water affects the taste of your coffee.

The best part of this machine is that it offers 25 months of manufacturer warranty on the box. The box further is equipped with an instruction manual and cleaning tablets. 

Detailed Review

The Jura E6 bean-to-cup coffee machine is equipped with an inbuilt milk frothing tech. You can make numerous milky specialties, espressos, and long coffees. Moreover, the three-inch color display offers ease of usability.

Are you wondering how the E6 stands out among the competition? And whether it produces aromatic and flavorful espresso? It’s time to get to the details.

1. Design And Specifications

At first glance, you will find the machine quite attractive as well as elegant. The black main unit and silver side panels would suit all the kitchen interiors. Apart from its appearance, the device is relatively user-friendly.

brand logo

The Jura E6 incorporates a 1.1-meter cable, burr grinder, 15 bar pump, and 1.9-liter water tank. Moreover, the thermoblock technology helps you to enjoy a consistent coffee every time.

The coffee machine has a 9.9oz bean hopper situated on the top, along with the transparent aroma preservation cover.

The removable plastic water tank of 63.6oz capacity is placed on the left side of the machine with a freshness cover. Besides, the machine has a switch for steam preparation and hot water.

The coffee machine uses the standard power rating of 1450W at 120V. Furthermore, you can use the device in just a minute and fifty-eight seconds.

Also, the pre-infusion technology comes with programmable settings such as temperature, shot time, Milk temperature, and Dose.

Now that you know the design and specifications of the product, we can proceed to discuss the features to help you make a purchasing decision.


2. Pulse Extraction Process (P E or E P)

Pulse Extraction Process, or P.E.P., is an invention by Jura’s Product Manager Martin Wullschleger and Laboratory Manager Reinhard Studer. Both of them brought their passion for coffee to invent the P.E.P. brewing process aka P E process.

The Pulse Extraction Process does not allow water to flow constantly through the coffee. Instead, coffee beans are pulsed before starting the pre-infusion process. How does it help? You will have a shorter brew time, along with an aroma of greater intensity.

Generally, the extraction time ranges between 20-30 seconds when you try to make an espresso manually. However, Pulse Extraction Process can finish the extraction process in just 24 seconds with proper consistency.

The new process will allow you to have an intense flavor, better coffee temperature, and more cream. Now, it becomes efficient to enjoy a high-quality coffee from a Jura E6 super-automatic coffee machine.  

3. Bean Hopper

bean hopper

Start your coffee-making routine while loading the beans into the 9.9 ounces of this hopper. The hopper is situated above the machine and comes with a hopper lid. In addition, the hopper lid includes a gasket seal which keeps the freshness of the beans intact.

The bean container has the capacity to hold about 200 grams of coffee beans. So, you can have not one but two perfect cups of coffee every time you have a craving. Also, on the right side of the machine, you will find a dial to select your coffee preferences.

4. TFT Display

The Jura E6 comes with a user-friendly and clear screen display to enable you to make coffee seamlessly. The buttons on the machine help you select the type of coffee you want. You can choose from milk foaming, coffee, cappuccino, and espresso.

touch screen

With the TFT display, you can easily navigate as the functions of buttons are shown on the screen itself. There are six buttons on the side of the screen to operate it manually. You need to follow the screen and choose the options as per your coffee taste.

Apart from that, the display will alert you when the machine needs cleaning and maintenance. It also notifies when you need to change the filter if the level of water in the chamber is low.


5. Milk Frother And System

E6 uses HP1 milk system

What makes the Jura E6 coffee maker the most interesting and attractive? The Fine Foam Technology will allow you to steam wand automatically. You can froth the milk as you want, airy or even foam.

You will need different milk textures for different coffee types, such as hot chocolate, cappuccino, flat white, and latte. The display settings on the TFT screen will help you navigate through different settings and choose your favorite milk texture.

While you use the milk frother and milk system, you have to maintain the cleanliness of the machine. The machine comes with easy cleaning and rinsing ability. You can either turn off the feature or delay it by 20 to 30 seconds.

6. Customizable Coffee Options

Now, you can make your customized coffee in an instant. The machine allows you to adjust the intensity of the coffee. Moreover, it enables you to save the setting for future use so that all you need is to press the button and enjoy your coffee.

Review of Jura E6 image with dual spouts

So, the machine offers a number of coffee settings, such as water quantity settings and hot water temperatures. You will also find two settings for brewing temperature and eight coffee intensity settings.

With this machine, you will enjoy a balanced taste of the coffee. You can choose from the three pre-programmed drinks, including espresso, cappuccino, and coffee.

The cappuccino’s texture and taste will make you fall in love with the machine. Additionally, the light and luxurious frothed milk will make your drink taste delicious.

7. Jura Smart Connect

Isn’t it great that you would be able to control the machine through your tablet and smartphone? Yes, you can manage and select your coffee preferences from your phone with Jura Smart Connect.

If you want your coffee to get ready for you before you wake up and get to the kitchen, you can use your app to select your coffee preference.

Moreover, you can manage milk texture and temperature settings on your phone without physically changing the settings in your coffee machine.


8. Smart Water Filter

Water tank on the new E6

If you use the water filter in the machine, it will be able to detect it, thanks to the RFID technology. The device connects with the filter and activates the mode to collect all the information about changing the filter and its use.

However, if the machine doesn’t use any water filter, you can use the Smart Pro or clearyl smart filter.

The filter helps eliminate heavy metals, limescale, and chlorine that could affect your coffee taste. When you place the filter close to the water tank, it will filter the water to absorb all the toxic elements and allow the flavors to develop. 

The water quality is essential if you want to enjoy a full-bodied taste. Moreover, a filter system can help boost the durability of the machine. All you need is to install the filter and let the filter perform its job.

9. Aroma G3 Grinder

Another interesting part of the machine is its built-in Aroma G3 Burr Grinder. The grinder is known for its quiet yet super-fast processing.

Further, the machine gives you an option to choose from their 7 grinder settings to make the process quick and smooth. Besides, there is a grinder adjustment switch to help you out.

Apart from that, the pre-brew aroma system allows you to prepare 5-16 grams of coffee drinks. To help you achieve the best extraction, you can pre-infuse the coffee in advance. This way, you can induce more aroma in your coffee.

It can extract the oils without the need to heat the beans. Also, you can adjust the volume and temperature of the coffee as per your taste. 

10. Cleaning Tablets

It is crucial to maintain the hygiene of the machine. While working with water, milk, and coffee, you need to keep the device clean to have high-quality coffee every time.

Jura E6 is certified for being the most hygienic machine by TUV Rheinland international testing organization.

The Jura E6 comes with 2-phase cleaning tablets to clean the machine. Most of the time, the machine will alert you when it’s time for cleaning, especially after 80 off/on cycles and 180 brewing cycles.

The tablets will clean the coffee fats collected between coffee spouts and the brewing unit. Moreover, the cleaning tablets also seal the pipes to slow down the process of coffee fat deposition. Read more about cleaning process.

The effectiveness of the tablets is long-lasting. You don’t have to clean the machine manually; just press the button, and the rest will be done.


Brewing Process And Capacity

With the dual spout feature, you can easily make two cups of coffee in the machine at the same time. Additionally, you will get prompts on the screen so that you remain updated with the coffee-making process.

To make the most out of your coffee machines, you need to keep the water tank filled with enough water. Also, if the water quantity is not sufficient, the device will alert you with messages like “Empty coffee ground container” or “Fill bean container”.

After you have checked everything, you can start brewing your coffee. Before beginning with the brewing process, make sure to place two cups under the spout. If you want to make two cups of espresso, press the Espresso button two times with a second of a break in-between.

In the case of cappuccino, you must connect the milk frother with the milk jug through the milk pipe. The machine gives you an option to either manually do the milk steaming or let it do it automatically.

For automatic function, press the Capuccino button and turn the dial to the right until you see “Switch open” on the screen.

How To Set Up this super automatic machine for the first time?

You would not need to have the technical experience to set up the machine. You can do it by following simple and clear instructions. So, it doesn’t matter if you have used the coffee machine before or not; you can set up the machine by yourself.

The first thing you need to remember is to keep the machine at a dry place or where the ventilation openings are available. By doing so, you will prevent any potential damage as well as overheating of the appliance.

You need to test how hard the tap water is so that the level of hardness won’t affect the coffee taste. This is a requirement for all coffee makers, including Jura E6.

1. Using the TFT panel embedded on the brewer

To set up the machine, you should read the instruction manual carefully. The TFT Screen display will show the easy-to-understand options to help you in setting up. Make sure to follow all the instructions not to have any problem afterward.

Now, put the fresh coffee beans in the bean hopper and place the aroma preservation seal over it. Similarly, before locking the water tank, fill it with water and secure it with the cover.

Besides, you can use the milk pipe to connect the coffee maker with the stainless steel froth container.

2. Brewing coffee

For brewing, you can easily choose what coffee you want to have by pressing the button. As soon as you press, the machine will start to prepare, and the screen will display the strength of the coffee. Also, it will take the water by default settings if you haven’t changed it.

Once the coffee is made, the machine will stop operating. You can drink your coffee and use the machine again if you want more.

Furthermore, you can change any default parameters and settings in the programming mode, such as the amount of water, strength of coffee, and temperature.

There are also options like Choose Language, Expert Mode, Descale, and Clean to ease your operation work. The Expert mode will help you make changes in the specialty coffee drinks.

Apart from that, the machine will alert you for cleaning the milk system. It can automatically start the cleaning process. Moreover, if you don’t use the machine for more than 10 seconds, it will shut down automatically.


How Do You Maintain Jura E6?

Like every other machine, proper maintenance is necessary to keep the operation smooth and functional. Moreover, regular maintenance and cleaning help increase the longevity of the appliance.

As mentioned above, the machine collects the residue left from making coffee which can later affect the quality and flavor of your coffee. To avoid that, you can clean the machine with a damp cloth to remove any stains or spills.

Cleaning the machine

For cleaning the machine from the inside, take the coffee ground container and drip tray. You can clean the machine using warm water to eliminate any residues.

Apart from that, Jura E6 includes many maintenance prompts to ease your cleaning processes, such as fine foam frother cleaning, machine cleaning, and rinsing.

Additionally, you can descale the machine which would run for about forty minutes. However, you need to make sure that the device is not disturbed during the descaling process.

Who Is this product suitable For?

Anyone who is a coffee aficionado can use the machine to get their favorite cup of coffee at any time of the day. However, the coffee maker is designed for homemakers.

Instead of visiting your nearby coffee shop for an expensive coffee, you can make a one-time investment to enjoy unlimited coffee drinks of your choice.

The Jura E6 includes limited yet valuable accessories. You get 6 multi-pack 2-phase cleaning tablets and a smart water filter. Also, you get a saucer and a three-ounce espresso cup made from ceramic. All of these premium features make the machine worth your purchase.


Let’s look at the pros and cons now!

  • The E6 coffee machine has a sleek and appealing design to complement your kitchen décor.
  • It is equipped with Jura’s Pulse Extraction Process ( P E or E P ) technology to intensify the flavors.
  • It can make cream rich hot espresso.
  • You can customize your coffee drinks as per your preference.
  • You can make creamy and velvety cappuccinos.
  • It enables you to connect the machine wirelessly.
  • The TFT screen display guide you with all the instructions.


There are some cons that you need to consider before getting yourself one of these.

  • The machine does not have a separate place to use pre-ground coffee.
  • The machine is made from less durable plastic.
  • You cannot maintain the milk temperature.
  • You have only three choices for coffee drinks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to effectively use Jura E6?

The super-automatic Jura E6 allows you to make coffee effortlessly. You are provided with different options to make changes in your coffee. These include milk texture, water temperature, and coffee grinding.

Jura E8 vs. Jura E6 – Which one to buy?

The only difference between Jura E8 and Jura E6 is that the former uses pre-ground coffee and has a bean hopper with a bigger capacity. However, Jura E6 offers you both automatic and manual options, while Jura E8 is fully automated.

So, you can buy Jura E6 if you want to enjoy the manual operation of selecting your coffee preferences. Also, do checkout the comparison of E6 with E8 to make an informed buying decision.

What is the best Jura coffee machine?

JURA is one of the most renowned brands which is known to manufacture super-automatic coffee machines. This particular model includes pulse extraction or PEP, which is one of the unique features. It minimizes the extraction time and assures to provide the best aroma. Not to mention, the grinder is not that noisy and does a pretty good job. Overall, it is one of the best espresso machines that you can buy right now. Another option from JURA will be E8, which we have reviewed in another article.

Can Jura E6 make latte?

If you are a fan of latte, then sorry to disappoint you. It cannot make lattes, but there are several other things that it is capable of brewing. For starters, it can make cappuccino, coffee, two coffees, espresso, and milk foam. Apart from that, it can even dispense hot water, which is useful for other preparations. There are three hot water temperatures that can be configured. You can also choose the amount of milk foam to be dispensed along with water. So, by adjusting the coffee strength and water, you can quickly get your desired cup of coffee! (No, you can still not make lattes!)

Final Thoughts

The Jura E6 has fantastic performance in the categories of coffee quality, aesthetic as well as build-quality. So, if your day is incomplete without coffee, you can depend on Jura E6 to make the coffee as per your flavors. Yo can also checkout the all new E8 or the Ena 8 or grab the Ena micro 5 if this will be your first machine.

The bean-to-cup coffee machine, Jura E6, allows you to enjoy beautiful, rich, and flavorful coffee drinks. Though the machine doesn’t have a variety of options for coffee drinks, the coffee quality is something worth appreciating.

At such a high price point, the machine boasts premium features along with a high-quality and sturdy stainless steel build. So, if you enjoy drinking coffee and want to fulfil your coffee cravings at odd hours, Jura E6 is your best choice.

There are so many features provided by this coffee machine, and we are going to discuss the essential factors helpful in making an informed decision. You can rely on the given factors too. In this review, we will be putting a light on all of the features provided.
These are vital factors, and if we talk in brief, then it is easy to find that why it is called as the best one. Also, do let us know in the comments how is the machine working for you. For starters, you can checkout the manual for your brewer over here.

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