Jura E6 Review 2021 – Is it worth buying?

Jura E6




Wireless Operation


TFT display panel




Water reservoir



  • Beautiful sleek design
  • Fully customizable
  • TFT Colour display


  • Price is little on higher side
  • Small water reservoir

Waking up in the morning and having a cup of coffee will entirely flip the day and filled with energy where the laziness fades away. Coffee is widespread across the globe, where you can find different tastes according to the method used. To be honest, my morning isn’t complete without a coffee. However, I am fond of different flavors, cappuccino, Espresso, Coffee with milk, short macchiato, and many more. Although I have tried many machines, no machine matched up to the level of Jura E6. We will check out more features in the review of the Jura E6 machine.

No doubt, Jura is the famous manufacturer of the smart coffee machine. After searching for lots of devices to make coffee, I landed over Jura E6 because of its intelligent technology and a fantastic taste of the coffee. Well, if you are also fond of coffee but don’t have enough time to prepare it, then you can rely on the E6. The features matter the most in the purchase of an excellent coffee machine. The E6 has arrays of features, and these things make it understandable.

Jura E6 super automatic espresso machine: What are the features offered?

  • Fully customisable.
  • Pulse extraction process at lower price point for strong coffee flavour.
  • Three different hot water levels.
  • It comes with milk froth technology.
  • Has energy control preset present.
  • Large bean hopper and water tank capacity.
  • The bean hopper has capacity of 9.9 ounces, with aroma preservation.
  • The water tank has capacity of 1.9L, which is removable.
  • Looks are good with sleek design and chrome/ piano black colour options.
  • Mostly made of plastic, with small amounts of stainless steel.
  • Makes six different types of coffee drinks.
  • True one touch super automatic espresso machine.
  • Includes JURA Smart water filter system.
  • Has dimensions of 11″ x 17″ x 13.5″, in inches.
  • Weighs around 22 pounds, actual shipping weight will be approximately 24.2 pounds.

There are so many features provided by this coffee machine, and we are going to discuss the essential factors helpful in making an informed decision. You can rely on the given factors too. In this review, we will be putting a light on all of the features provided.
These are vital factors, and if we talk in brief, then it is easy to find that why it is called as the best one.

How to Setup?

I am fond of coffee (maybe mentioned before), and I love tasting different types of coffee. One of my friends offered me his coffee machine for a few days, and I loved that and decided to choose Jura. After a little research and looking out all the options, the price of Jura E6 suited me, and most of the reviews were also positive about it.

The Jura 15070 comes alone means you don’t get the jug, cup and other products. The setup is incomplete, but you can buy other stuff at way lower prices and the right one online. It looks amazing. The mix color theme of black and grey with shine makes it look more beautiful, and I find it better than all other machines. The material used in manufacturing looks premium, and there is no need to worry about laying fingerprints on the device. It is quite a reliable brewer, and anyone can buy it online.

The Jura E6 is available in almost every country. This brand is based out of a town in Singapore. If you can’t find any dealer, then you can buy it directly from the official website, and it will be delivered to you. It doesn’t have the automatic clean option as the upper version E8, but it gives you the alert as the machine requires cleaning. It is super easy to clean.

jura 15070 e6 review image

All options provided

You may be thinking that what’s my mean with all kinds of options, right? Well, I am talking about the number of coffee presets and the opportunity to add new settings. You are also able to come up with custom coffee, which gives you the option to get fresh, unique flavors. Even I feel that the coffee maker is the best one in all kinds of it.

However, the price seems to be expensive than other products available in the market. It lags only in this place, and believe me; there are no other flaws I experienced in this coffee maker. And being a reputed brand, you can trust this brand blindly. Even you have the settings option to do more with this smart coffee machine.

How do you use a Jura E6?

It performs well and offers you great benefits. It works so smoothly and takes very little time to make a delicious coffee for you. Many factors can change the taste of the coffee. Try out shifting the temperature of the water, coffee grinding, and other factors to make it better. It is easy to find that why E6 is called as the best. Getting the right blend and texture is no more a problem; you can do it easily with this modern device. It completely separates the milk and gives you excellent touch and taste in a few minutes.

Jura is the brand from Switzerland, and you can easily find that it offers you many tastes in this small machine. The size of the device is a little bit large, and it is undoubtedly going to take the prime space in the kitchen, but it is also enhancing the looks due to such factors. I am not recommending you to purchase it. Still, I am helping you to count the benefits offered by this small machine at such fewer prices according to features offered.

What is the best Jura coffee machine?

JURA is one of the most renowned brands which is known to manufacture super-automatic coffee machines. This particular model includes pulse extraction or PEP, which is one of the unique features. It minimizes the extraction time and assures to provide the best aroma. Not to mention, the grinder is not that noisy and does a pretty good job. Overall, it is one of the best espresso machines that you can buy right now. Another option from JURA will be E8, which we have reviewed in another article.

Can Jura E6 make latte?

If you are a fan of latte, then sorry to disappoint you. It cannot make lattes, but there are several other things that it is capable of brewing. For starters, it can make cappuccino, coffee, two coffees, espresso, and milk foam. Apart from that, it can even dispense hot water as well, which is useful for other preparations. There are three hot water temperatures that can be configured. You can also choose the amount of milk foam to be dispensed along with water. So, by adjusting the coffee strength and water, you can quickly get your desired cup of coffee! (No, you can still not make lattes!)

Major Pros – What are the things that I Loved about Jura 15070 super automatic espresso?

  • You get the aroma and the grinder in this small machine. Very few devices are offering both features.
  • You can get the hot espresso, and it is easy to take the temperature higher than usual.
  • It comes with a pulse extraction process, which is one of the features in the E series.
  • There is one display to help in making a good coffee, and it is a TFT (Thin Film Transistor) display.
  • Not to forget, there is a JURA Smart Connect app that helps you to make beverages wirelessly. We have covered more about this in our Jura E8 Review. To know more, you can head over here to check out the review.
  • The water chamber or the water tank is large enough to prepare coffee for many people at once, and you don’t need to worry about water. There is even a water filter attached, which is helpful if you are using tap water.
  • You can customize the settings and choose the desired coffee texture and taste so that you get the desired blend.
  • Even you can save the settings that you have edited so that you don’t have to make changes every single time.

There are so many things that make me feel attracted to this beautiful coffee maker beast. However, I am mentioning the major one who can make a significant impact while making a decision. The benefits are –

jura e6 automatic coffee center tft-panel
TFT colour display

These are a few of the reasons behind purchasing Jura E6. Even there are many more reasons which can make you spend money on it.

Additional Features

These are some of the new things to know about this espresso maker. It can change your decision and make you purchase it.

  • The technology which is making this machine smart coffee maker is Fine Froth Technology, and it is quite reliable.
  • The coffee strength program lets you know how much coffee powder is enough to make it tasty.
  • Even the coffee machine can figure out the change in the size of the cup and automatically add up more coffee and milk/water.
  • It makes espresso by forcing hot water through the ground coffee at regular intervals.
  • Keep the machine on for long hours without worrying about it because there is one energy-saving mode given in it.
  • The setup is not that big, but the machine is. However, it is easy to set up because there is a single wire to plug in and use.
  • The machine can be operated wirelessly because there is a smartphone app offered, called as JURA Smart connect app, and you need to plug in the Bluetooth device in the machine to operate.

Most coffee maker machines I have used in past years can’t offer all these benefits mentioned above. For me, a coffee machine must be reliable and fast with good taste. The Jura E6 meets the need, and it is part of my life.

Taste is everything, and you are spending this amount of money just for a good feeling. Well, Jura E6 won’t let you feel down because all the options are given lets you get the desired taste. The first time, it can be tough to get the right flavor, but after using a few times, you can also make excellent coffee at home.

Minor Cons

The coffee makers available in the market come with major cons and small cons according to their price factor, and the same goes for Jura E6. You can make excellent coffee, but there are some points where this machine lags.

  • The price of Jura E6 is too high, which means that it isn’t for everyone.
  • You are not able to increase the milk temperature too high as per the limits.
  • Some other manufacturers offer automatic machine at the price of Jura E6.
  • To learn the basics, you need to spend little time, and it is not easy to use.

These are making this machine lag, but you will love the fact that using it with a smartphone app makes it easier and quite reliable.

Final Words – Is it worth buying?

If you are not going to spend too much money, then this coffee machine isn’t the right choice. Still, if you want to get the taste and have enough budget to spend, then I will suggest Jura E6 coffee maker since it is the perfect choice at this price point. After using E6 and many other machines from this manufacturer, I can easily say that this brand is trustworthy, and all the products are the best ones with premium quality and a wide range of availability. I hope my review will help you in knowing the reason for purchasing this machine.

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