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Coffee cravings can happen at any time of the day. Some people finish their third cup even before midday. While people have their coffee preferences, it is essential to decide which coffee machine can provide them with the best coffee quality.

Don’t have time to read through the entire article? Checkout the overview of Jura E6 vs E8 to find out the best one.

Our recommendation: Jura E8 since it has newer features as compared to the E6 which does improve the flavor of your beverages. Most technologies used in both of these devices is more or less the same minus few minor upgrades provided in E8 which makes it our top recommendation.

Jura E6 – Summary

Checkout our comprehensive review of the Jura E6 automatic machine now!

  • Pulse Extraction Process.
  • Brews 6 different types of beverages.
  • Includes Jura water filter system.
  • Includes intelligent pre brew aroma system.
  • Dual coffee spout along with separate milk spout.
  • Separate cleaning programs.
  • Modern and stylish look with chrome and piano color options.
  • Power saver mode included.


  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Modern and stylish look.
  • Makes six different types of beverages.


  • It can brew only whole coffee beans.

Jura E8 – In brief

Our complete in-depth review of E8 can be found on this page.

jura e8 image
  • Aroma G3 grinder
  • 8 programmable coffee strength levels.
  • Pulse Extraction Process.
  • Dual spouts.
  • 12 programmable specialties offered.
  • Includes intelligent pre-brew aroma system.
  • Milk spout.
  • Cleaning and descaling functions.
  • Intelligent water system.
  • Includes energy saver mode as well.


  • Simple and straightforward to use.
  • Stylish design, looks premium.
  • Can brew 12 different types of beverages.


  • The grinder is noisy on this device.

Espresso machines are available in different types with different capabilities but quite similar technologies. If you enjoy drinking espresso, you should consider either Jura E6 or Jura E8 to help you make freshly brewed coffee from coffee beans.


Jura E6 vs E8: Similarities

It is essential to know the similarities between the two models to make it easy for you to compare them. With a similar design to brewing & grinding technologies, both the coffee machines produce great-quality coffee.

The water tank size is 63.6oz, and the bean hopper capacity is 9.9oz for both the models. Moreover, both machines can brew about 16 g of coffee.

Another thing to note is their similar fine foam technology. Both machines have the same descaling, rinsing, and cleaning programs. They also have a pre-programmable drinks feature. You can set the water amount to use in your coffee and the temperature in both the machines.

Comparing the Jura E6 and Jura E8: Differences

Now that you know the fundamental similarities between the two models, it is time to discuss what makes them different from each other. We have selected certain factors to compare the two products to identify how their functioning and performance are different.

Without any delay, let us dive into the comparison.

1. Design And Build Quality

When you talk about build quality, Jura is always at the top among other coffee maker brands. Jura provides best-in-class top-tier coffee machines, and that’s why they are the premium coffee machine manufacturer.

Jura E6

At first glance, Jura E6 offers a sophisticated and sleek design that looks perfect on any kitchen countertop. The modern and precise symmetrical design is highly attractive, combined with heavy-duty plastic panels in matte silver and black finish. Besides, the removable drip tray has chrome-accented grills that add value to the whole design.

Weighing 22 pounds, the Jura E6 is not ideally a lightweight machine. However, it is the most compact in comparison to other Jura models, especially E8. But, the machine will take quite a room in your kitchen.

Jura E8

Jura E8 is covered with a piano black housing, which feels stable and sturdy with smooth surfaces. The milk frother and chrome-plated nozzles offer an elegant touch to the machine.

If you want your machine to have more weight, this is your best option as with more weight; you have more durability. The side panels are also made of chrome pieces, which protects the machine from any damage.


2. Functionality And Performance

Jura comes with exceptional functionality and performance with the inclusion of PEP (Pulse Extraction Process). How does this make a difference in your coffee? Let us find out its function in the two models.

Jura E6

Pulse Extraction Process defines Jura’s signature feature and selling point. PEP guarantees the extraction of maximum coffee flavour while enhancing the aroma and taste of your blend. This will result in a strong but pleasing coffee smell all around you.

There is more to the machine than just PEP. The intelligent water system detects the water filter and makes it safer to use than Jura E8. You can set different heat levels for a single cup of coffee as per your preference with filtered hot water.

Another thing to note about the machine is that it comes with seven different brews, including latte macchiato, frappuccino, espresso, coffee, cappuccino, milk foam, and hot water. The in-built milk frother also helps to make a wide range of coffee blends.

The Jura E6 is, however, not without flaws. Jura E6 does not have an integrated detour for the pre-ground process. You will have to purchase an additional grinder to perform this process.

Jura E8

Jura E8 is the product of the advanced skills of well-known experts in the coffee-machine manufacturing field. The crowning feature of the Pulse Extraction Process is unique to all the Jura coffee machines. Its function is to optimize the water flow through the ground coffee. As a result, you will get the aromatic and flavorful coffee of your taste.

To prevent the building of mineral deposits, the Jura E8, like E6, makes use of an intelligent water system. Using the RFID technology, the intelligent water system detects the water filter and prevents the water quality from impacting the coffee flavour and overall machine’s performance.

With 12 brew recipes and eight programmable coffee settings, the Jura E8 delivers a wider variety of coffee blends than E6. Moreover, the machine comes with a G3 grinder offering six different levels to fine-tune your coffee grounds. Unlike E6, the Jura E8 can even take pre-grounded coffee beans.


3. Control System And User Interface

Jura is known for its ease of use because of the presence of multiple advanced features.

jura e6 vs e8 in a nutshell

Jura E6

Jura E6 comes with an interactive front panel comprising six matte black buttons and a large TFT colour screen. The TFT screen is large enough to display all the information clearly and accurately. The screen guides you through the various menu to choose your brew type and adjust the coffee’s temperature and quantity as per your liking.

Another thing is the single milk spout, which is placed behind the nozzle. The milk spout helps dispense the hot milk foam for cappuccino, allowing you to mix the blends according to your preference. However, the foam produced is comparatively fluid and flat.

Jura E8

Like Jura E6, the Jura E8 is also equipped with a TFT colour display for easy navigation with control buttons placed around the screen. With Jura E8, you can brew more than one coffee servings, which is impossible in Jura E6. It takes the functionality to a whole other level by making it easy for you to brew multiple coffees while doing your work.

The Jura E8 comes with two options to set the brewing temperature. You can set the hot and regular temperature within the range of 66-68 Degrees Celsius.


4. Cappuccino System

Jura’s products are known for their exceptional coffee-quality. However, each model comes with a different mechanism that affects their coffee taste and aroma.

Jura E6

Jura E6 comes with a semi-automatic cappuccinator, which offers an automatic feel as the frothed milk nozzle is placed near the spouts. You don’t have to move the cup, but you have to start the milk frothing process separately from the coffee-making process by rotating the circular knob. You have to rotate the knob yourself.

Besides, the milk tract will not clean automatically after frothing milk. You will have to clean it on your own.

Jura E8

The process of cappuccino making in Jura E8 is fully automatic. The machine’s right dispenser comes with two nozzles, one for milk and the other for coffee. You don’t have to move the cup, and the machine will switch from milk to coffee automatically.

If you choose milk-based coffee, the coffee machine will first steam the milk and then serves it into the cup. After a pause, it will add the required coffee.

The hub’s height at 15cm is ideal for tall latte macchiato glasses. You can adjust the height of the steamed milk with a simple switch. Therefore, Jura E8’s cappuccinator works excellently while producing stable and soft foam.

In fully automatic machines, either you can request automatic cleaning after every drink or do it manually. However, in this machine, you can request to clean automatically or configure cleaning after ten minutes.


5. JURA Smart connect Application

For your convenience, Jura provides you with Jura Operating Experience, a smartphone application designed explicitly for espresso or coffee machines. You can easily manage and operate your coffee machine through the app.

Jura E6

You can now control the Jura E6 automatic machine with your tablet or smartphone through the Jura smart technology. However, you need to purchase the smart connect device separately to communicate between your E6 and smartphone.

To control your Jura E6 with the application, you need to have a separate Bluetooth or Smart Connect Device. You can control the settings such as milk texture, temperature without touching your machine.

Jura E8

You can operate your Jura E8 with the smartphone application. The application connected your machine with the Smart connect accessory and let you use it from your phone.

You can quickly start your machine to brew your coffee via phone. The app will also send a prompt message when it is time to carry out maintenance and cleaning practices. You can use the JURA Smart Connect application through an Android or iOS smartwatch, tablet, or smartphone.

Like E6, you have to purchase the smart connect Bluetooth device; otherwise, the app will not show any available machines to communicate.


6. Maintenance And Cleaning

Jura coffee machines are made to be cleaned and maintained efficiently. But, with some advanced features in individual machines, the cleaning becomes a little more challenging.

Jura E6

The cleaning and maintenance of the Jura E6 are relatively straightforward. The water tank and drip tray are easily removable for effortless cleaning. The machine also reminds you when it is time to clean, decalcify, or perform a system rinse.

The exterior of the machine is seamless, which requires just regular cleaning with a soft cloth. As there is no space for the dust and dirt to stay on the device, it is easy to clean it.

Jura E8

The machine’s timely prompt to descale or rinse the filter allows you to easily and quickly do the cleaning. On top of that, the machine will automatically flush the system after several minutes of inactivity to reduce your workload.

There are no chances that milk or coffee debris gets accumulated inside your machine. The only items that require manual cleaning are a removable drip tray and water tank.


7. Value For Money

There is nothing which you cannot make with Jura coffee machines. Though each model varies in price, you need to make sure if they are worth the money.

Jura E6

If you are looking for an efficient machine with all the essential features at an affordable price, then Jura E6 is a perfect choice. The machine is not exactly inexpensive, but relatively cheaper than the other Jura counterparts.

The price tag makes up for the rich, creamy, and aromatic coffee produced by the machine. You will find it pleasurable to use with such an intuitive design.

Jura E8

Undoubtedly, Jura E8 is an expensive deal. The reason is the numerous customizable options and robust build quality. The features loaded coffee machine is easy to maintain and use and highly reliable.

There is no super-automatic espresso machine, which is not expensive. When it comes down to buy the best, Jura E8 is the only option.


Checkout the following video by Aquapress to know more about the difference between these two devices.

Final Thoughts – Jura E8 vs E6 – Which one to buy?

The Jura E6 impresses the users with its minimalistic and simple design. The semi-automatic cappuccinator, eight levels of strength, and colour display are worth noticing. However, it has a smaller height of pump and a small set of drinks. In our opinion, the coffee quality is similar to those made in the famous café’s. All in all, the machine is a great deal for its price.

comparing jura machines

Compared to E6, the Jura E8 is fully automatic and doesn’t restrict drink settings. However, the price is relatively higher. The higher price means more features and more durability for a long time.

In the end, we can say that with both the Jura models, you will find nothing but perfection and fulfilment. No matter what model you choose based on your coffee preference and budget, you are guaranteed high-quality, flavorful, and aromatic coffee to make your day. There are other options present as well, like the Ena 8 and Ena micro 5 which are equally good.


Jura manufactured coffee machines are one of the best in the market. Hence, it becomes difficult to choose the one when you have similar models from this brand. Though Jura E8 and Jura E6 use a similar mechanism, there are considerable differences. This article compared the two products to help to pick the best that matches your coffee style.

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