Jura E8 Review 2021 – Should you buy one?

Jura E8




Wireless Operation


TFT Display Panel





  • One Touch Operation
  • 1.9 L water reservoir
  • Auto off timer
  • 6 level aroma grinder


  • Price is on higher side
  • Little noisy when grinding beans

Who doesn’t love coffee? Well, almost everyone loves it where you don’t look for the right time or bad time. Coffee can make us feel energetic when you are fully tired and have lots of things to do. Coffee Machine is the best technology and the love of many where you can get tasty coffee anytime. After using lots of coffee machines, I found that E8 by Jura is one of the best ones present in the market. This advanced coffee machine offers great benefits and it becomes a comprehensible and versatile machine of need. This is one of the reasons on why I decided to review Jura E8!

It is the perfect gift for Birthdays, Father’s Day and other occasions. I purchased it a few months ago and it is so awesome that I decided to give a complete review of its features, quality, pros, and cons. It can help people who are looking forward to getting one. Surely, everyone wants unbiased reviews and here I am with the review based off on my opinions! When this machine was delivered, I decided to test it before gifting it to my perfect half. 

Surely, it is made up of premium quality material where the looks are premium or you can call it more than premium. The awesome design and shine are way different from all other machines available in the market. You may be thinking that I’m overrating it but believe me, you will also love it. Here comes my thought according to considering all the important factors.

Jura 15109 Super Automatic Coffee Maker E8 – Basic details

Dimensions 44.4 cm x 28 cm x 34.6 cm
Weight 21.6 lbs or 9.8 kilograms
Water Reservoir capacity 1.9 Litres
Bean hopper 280 grams
Coffee ground container 16
One touch operation Yes
Model Year 2019
Cable Length 3.6 feet

Functions offered by JURA 15109

There are many features offered in this amazing coffee maker and it is hard to explain in short. Well, the below given are features and we are talking in brief onward. 

  1. What comes in Set Up?
  2. How does it work?
  3. Jura Connect App – Get the Ease.
  4. Important Factor – Quality of Coffee.

Checking out all of these will help in knowing more and it may make you get the machine now. It can help in making an informed decision on the purchase of a coffee maker. 

What does the retail box contain?

In order to get started with brewing, you need some of the things to complete the setup. You get the machine only and other stuff like filters, jugs, milk, cups; etc is required and doesn’t come with anything else the machine. The machine looks sexy in all kinds of it, especially the chrome edition. The excellent quality makes it the high-end machine, however, it is a big machine and going to take too much space in the kitchen.

First Impressions.

The smooth and shiny black exterior is also fantastic. Nevertheless, I was worried about fingerprints. You can easily put print marks but these are not that much highlighted as other machines. On the other hand, it cleans very well in a couple of minutes. The super easy to clean options is really loved among all the people using this machine.

You can connect it to power supply of nominal 230V and 10 AMP. The maximum power consumption for this device is 1500 Watts. The water tank capacity is about 1.9 litre whereas bean holding capacity is about 280 grams.

Jura 15109 full product image

Jura E8 dimensions and weight.

As I mentioned earlier, this is bulky device and can take up major portion of your space. The exact dimensions for this brewer are 44.4 cm x 28 cm x 34.6 cm and weighs around 9.8 kilograms.

How does it work?

No doubt, most people use a coffee machine at home but very few use smart coffee makers. Well, E8 this is another smart coffee machine and it is fully automatic where it can check the bean levels and automatically prompt to clean. Who doesn’t love a machine which can do the cleaning work on your own? Due to so many options and features, it seems to be logical but almost every machine is hard to learn for a few days. You will get used to the method of use and it is easy too. It functions as the method you want to use.

The Colorful LED screen makes the work easier and you can use it without tackling any of the issues. Mostly, I love to tweak in between and the good thing is, it doesn’t cause any trouble and makes delicious beverages even after tweaking. As after putting the large cup than the usual one, it automatically detects everything and adds up coffee powder as well as the milk according to need. It fills everything in the right amount and if you are not around then nothing to worry because it will automatically manage everything. Even it can stop the flow. 

In order to personalize the settings and make the perfect coffee for family members, the LED screen is quite useful and reliable. You can customize the settings and try out different tastes but I use the presets given by Jura and I really love it. 

jura e8 automatic espresso maker review image

Jura Connect App – Get the Ease

Days are gone when everyone used to feel amazed for the smartphone watch because the genius Jura connect app lets you connect the smartphone with this coffee machine. It amazed me and my first impression was beyond imagination. There is a small wireless connector that requires plugging in into the machine and let you connect with iPhone and iPad. The JURA App is available for IOS and Android devices. Basically, it requires minimum configuration as Android 4.4 for android, IOS 7.0 for Apple devices and lastly Bluetooth 4.0 or later version for both the devices. 

Now, you just have to choose the coffee from the given options in the smartphone application. If you are not able to connect then there are many videos online to help it. After connecting the device, be prepared to taste some delicious and unique coffees at home. It is quite a reliable method and I love to drink coffee prepared by this machine. I would recommend everyone having a good budget for the Jura coffee machine. This luxurious device has a lot more to know about. You can check out Jura E8 manual here.

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Important Factor – Quality of Coffee

Almost everyone knows the smell of fresh beans and it was the same when I tasted expresso coffee. There are so many options given for the milk coffee and I love to drink all the available ones. I am this much addict that I have been taking coffee in higher amounts usual but finally, I controlled it. Foam is the best part of milk coffee and the machine is great in doing its work at the best. You can get the amazing foam and the clever work done is making it an advanced machine. 

There are many more options given like adjusting the milk temperature and other things. There is also a setting for the grindings of beans. You can balance the coffee powder as well as the milk according to need. Hot water and the milk foam, both are offering delicious taste and it proves to be pretty helpful when there are so many guests abruptly. There are also options for easy hot chocolate and a few different drinks that can be prepared with this wonderful machine.

These are all the features offered in this unique but smart machine. You can compare almost every intelligent machine and it is sure that you won’t love any of them because of quality and smart with the genius system offered in it. Most of the machines are designed and manufactured by JURA can be seen at luxurious hotels and such other places offering tasty coffee and tea.

TFT panel provided on E8

Key Features – The pros

If you want to compare this machine with others and don’t want to read everything in brief then these are some key features offered in quick to ensure that you get the right product and the informative decision.

  • The Jura E8 piano black color looks fabulous.
  • It comes in Chrome and Piano black color.
  • Durable for years due to the usage of premium material.
  • The TFT color display aides for easy navigation.
  • Total 12 programmable specialties offered.
  • 8 programmable levels are provided for coffee strength.
  • The PEP, aka the pulse extraction process, is inbuilt.
  • Functions with Intelligent pre-brew aroma system.
  • Cleans automatically and doesn’t cause any mess.

These are some major features and you can call it the pros of Jura E8. The machine is totally amazing and lets you get the coffee of desire. 

If you check out the Jura 15109 automatic coffee machine reviews from other users (as I did before the purchase), then you can easily find that most of the people claim it as the best and if you check the rating then you will feel encouraged to buy it. 

Minor Cons

There is no doubt that everything has pros and some cons too. This comprehensible machine also offers a wide range of benefits with few drawbacks.

  • Jura E8 price is on the higher side, which makes it an expensive machine. You can get great variety and quite similar products.
  • According to others’ experience, it clogged while cleaning the machine automatically.
  • It consumes way more space than it should be. The size of the machine is extra-large than usual.
  • Lastly, it is hard to use for beginners and it will take sometime to get acquainted with the app. Although, it shouldn’t be that difficult.

Well, these are minor disadvantages except the clogging one. Everyone I know who is using this E8 variant is in love with the coffee maker. 

Jura E8 super automatic coffee maker review – Final Verdict

If you want something reliable and smart with lots of options like coffee, tea, etc then Jura E8 is the right one. If you don’t have a good budget then it can be hard to spend money but it is worth the investment. You can even check out the previously launched E6 variant, which is another good option.


Here is small video explaining the various features and benefits of this brewer.

Your Turn!

Do you own this machine? What are your thoughts about it, do let us know in the comments!

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