Jura E8 Review 2021 – Should you buy one?

The Jura E8 Espresso Machine is an exceptional creation curated by Jura, offering an effortless ownership experience. With its one-touch brewing facility, the super-automatic espresso machine has options starting from ristrettos to flat white coffees. The customizable machine has cherry topping highlights, with its design and features to tempt even the demanding of coffee heads. Additionally, a milk frother and a unique brewing technology polish the performance of the machine.

A bit pricey for a reason, this Jura machine creates excellent frothy coffee. Let’s go on to see how this brewer makes an exceptional fit to your barista-style coffee requirements, in this review of Jura E8.

Jura 15109 Super Automatic Coffee Maker E8 – Basic details

Dimensions44.4 cm x 28 cm x 34.6 cm
Weight21.6 lbs or 9.8 kilograms
Water Reservoir capacity1.9 Litres
Bean hopper280 grams
Coffee ground container16
One touch operationYes
Model Year2019
Cable Length3.6 feet
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Jura, the company to curate the first-ever one-touch automatic coffee machine, has made impeccable innovations in the market. Jura makes sure to introduce new ideas into their designs and features when they curate their coffee machines.

Jura has established itself in the market following remarkable contributions, curating coffee machines for serious coffee heads. Coffee enthusiasts and their lovers would surely love a cup of coffee brewed in the automatic coffee machines by Jura.

While there are several coffee machines out there by Jura, the E8 is one of its kind in the market.

The Jura E8 Coffee Machine: An Overview

With excellent customization and easy-to-use features, Jura has introduced its one-of-a-kind coffee machine, the Jura E8.

The E8 Machine has a one-touch brewing system for you to brew your desired cup of coffee. The automatic machine has got you all covered for your coffee needs.

The Jura E8 showcases a classic design with piano black color, having chrome sides with dual outlets for espresso spouts. The attractive chrome sides have more to them than just its eye-catching beauty. The machine also tends to display fingerprints, which means you need to take proper care of the unit.

jura e8 cover image

The TFT panel

The TFT-LCD screen is designed to show all the available options and settings. While the Jura E8 is an innovation of modern times and is advanced in many ways, it chooses to follow the traditional style of physical buttons. These buttons are to respond to the on-screen options.

The benefit of having physical buttons rather than a touch screen is that they save the screen from unwanted smudges. After all, this is a classy, elegant-looking automatic coffee brewing machine. You don’t want to compromise with that, do you?

Dimensions and weight

The barista-style espresso makers would undoubtedly love the Jura E8 for its average size. Its 13.6H x 11W x 17.5D is perfect for countertops and also tight spaces. As far as the weight is concerned, it weighs around 21.6 lbs or 9.8 kilograms.

Besides being unique, the Jura E8 coffee machine also fulfils the basic expectations of brewing different types of coffee drinks with the action of pressing a button.

The front dual spouts pour out espresso while the right-side spout of the machine dispenses steams and adds froths to the milk.

You can fill the 64-oz removable water reservoir in place or take it off to fill it in the sink separately. The bean hopper is capable of holding 10 oz of coffee beans, while the coffee grounds container needs refilling only after 16 servings.


What about bean hopper?

The bean hopper of the unit is equipped with a silicone gasket to preserve the beans for longer, keeping them fresh and aromatic. Also, the built-in burr grinder called Aroma G3 of the machine has 6 grinding settings for your convenience.

While automatic machines follow a design of two-scoop bypass, the Jura E8 follows only one. This is an added advantage to the unit. The reason is that it makes things quicker and convenient. You can have your steamy hot cup of coffee in an easy, fast, and simple process.

No doubt, a two-scoop bypass brews amazingly strong coffee. Although the other coffee makers come with two-scoop bypass dosers, they make up for just one, which is disappointing.

You may get to hear that the Jura E8 is too expensive for a coffee machine. However, the users who have brought the Jura E8 brewer would undoubtedly differ in opinion.

Whether they are overpriced or a wise investment, this post has everything you need to know about the Jura E8.

How does the coffee taste?

The Aroma G3 of the Jura E8 automatic espresso machine is an advanced version of the Aroma grinder of the Jura coffee machines. This advanced version of the Aroma grinder uses twice the speed while grinding the beans than its previous versions.

Although the grinder is as swift as possible while grinding the beans, it preserves the flavor and texture of your coffee. The aroma cover helps keep the scents intact. This is where the Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System (IPBAS) works for maximum saturation of the beans.

Moreover, the machine is equipped with a Thermoblock heating unit to keep its brewed coffee from losing heat. This means the coffee brewed in the machine won’t have any odd tastes of burning or hotspots.

Jura E8 review 2021 – Looking at the features offered

1. Brewing Capacity

When you have bought an automatic machine, it is pretty apparent to expect it to work almost all the time. The device, therefore, is equipped with a massive water container of a capacity of 1.9 litres which is equivalent to 64 fluid ounces. Wait a second, do you want to know how much that is?

Well, you can expect to have 32 double and 64 single espresso shots out of that much fluid ounces!

Moreover, along with a 280-gram bean hopper, the machine is also equipped with a bypass for coffee grounds. To give you a better idea, every filled container of beans can work for 16 servings till you need to refill it.

E8 drip tray image

2. Simple and straightforward to use

The pretty, elegant, yet straightforward exterior portrays an easy operation. The LED display guides you with 15+ varied menu options to choose from. They include Ristretto, Espresso, Doppio, milk, hot water, and more.

You can even brew your own cup of barista-style macchiato with this unit.

You can adjust the unit’s spouts both in height and width. Furthermore, you can program the machine according to your requirements. For instance, you can choose from 8 different coffee strengths and 2 brewing temperatures.

3. Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.)

Like all the coffee machines by Jura, the Jura E8 is also equipped with the Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.). It is via this process that the unit pushes hot water using pressure that goes through the coffee at mini intervals.

This fantastic feature contributes to the flavors of your cup of coffee as well as to its aromatic authenticity. You can expect to taste excellent barista-quality coffee from a top-rated café around the corner of your town.


4. Bean Hopper

The bean hopper on top of the unit alongside the Aroma G3 grinder is as impeccable as the water reservoir. It has a 9.9-oz capacity, and both of them are well-paired size-wise.

There are other bean hoppers attached to coffee machines in the market that are smaller than the water tank and vice versa. This arises the issue of refilling both at different times, which is quite inconvenient for automatic machines. Fortunately, Jura E8 relieves you of such a problem!

Jura e8 review - front image

5. Pick-Up Tube System

The specially designed pick-up tube system of the Jura E8 works efficiently to give you the best coffee tasting experience. The system lets you pour the milk straight into the machine. Therefore, you need not purchase anything extra.

The milk spout of the system is spotted conveniently for easy access when you need a refill. Moreover, both the milk spout and the coffee spout are easily adjustable. This enables you with more ease and convenience as a user.

6. CLEARYL Water Filter

A cup of coffee brewed in this automatic espresso machine consists 80% of water. Most coffee heads out there tend to add mineral water while making their cup of coffee. However, factually speaking, mineral water may have triggering hardness levels unsuitable for an automatic coffee machine.

The Jura has designed the E8 coffee-making machine with a unique CLEARYL water filter. The filter is mechanized with several granules that help separate the harmful substances in the course of water when it gushes through them.

After having all of this done, the filter is left with clean, pure, filtered water to brew the clearest, hot, and steamy mug of coffee or drink you enjoy.

The best part about this smart filter is that it filters out only toxic substances away. It keeps the essential fluorides and the beneficial minerals set in the water.

Water tank on the new E8

7. Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System (IPBAS)

The initial step forward in the coffee brewing system of the unit is the Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System or popularly called the IPBAS. The IPBAS implements a unique pre-infusion process that depends on doses.

The pre-infusion process followed by the IPBAS indicates that the automatic coffee machine can involuntarily measure the quantity of coffee used. Accordingly, the system is accustomed to adjusting the water amounts for the same.

This process ensures proper swelling of the coffee beans ground. This helps determine that the beans are ready before the unit adds the appropriate brewing temperature.

This way, you can expect to bring to your lips a cup of perfectly blended flavorful espresso. This is because the process softens the coffee grounds well enough, preparing the beans for brewing through the pulse extraction process.


8. Volume Measurement

You would be pretty impressed to learn another exciting feature of the Jura E8. It is the removable unit of volume that the coffee machine comes equipped with. You have your choice of preference to choose between millimeters or ounces among the available options.

Additionally, the coffee machine comes along with the settings that allow you to select from 8 levels of coffee strength. So, you need not worry at all about your coffee choices.

You can easily brew up your own strong espresso or a double milk coffee. Both are available with the Jura E8 automatic espresso machine.

A bonus feature for your benefit here is that the unit allows you to set the temperature of your choice. You then get your cup of coffee just the way you like it!

9. Coffee Versatility

Jura E8 Coffee Machine is popularly known for its versatility. The unit comes along, featuring a list of about 20 beverages. This is undoubtedly much more than any other coffee brewing machine has in store for its customers.

You can now make a nice, hot, steamy cup of green tea, macchiato, and doppio. You can even go to choose your preference of coffee grounds. As such, you have the option of selecting a different hot water setting as well.

As you’ve already read above, the Jura E8 comes with 8 differing coffee strength levels. This paves the way to fluent customization. Accordingly, all you coffee enthusiasts can sip from your cup of coffee made just to your preferences.

Having said that, the minimum coffee strength available here is 5 grams. The strongest of the strengths is 16 grams. This highest level of coffee strength differs from a majority of coffee machines in the market.

10. The Milk Frothing System

The Jura E8 automatic machine comes with an auto-frothing system to suit the best of your requirements and convenience pursuits. The auto-frothing system adds an amount of frothing to your coffee, making it heavy and tempting at the same time.

Moreover, the unit also comes attached with a froth dial. This allows you to adjust the foam amount. Thus, all coffee lovers with high degrees of control can rely on this system. They can play with the foam levels in their coffee according to their preferences.

The frothing mechanism is quite similar to that of a proper steam wand. Overall, the frothing system is one reason you should certainly go for the Jura E8 automatic espresso machine.

11. Boiler And Grinder Systems

While almost all the coffee machines out there have equipped a double boiler, the Jura E8 uses a single boiler.

You must not be worried about the quality of its products because the Jura E8 uses the company’s innovation of a Thermoblock technology, which ensures quick brewing of your coffee.

The Thermoblock technology ensures that the temperature of the water used while making coffee reaches 185-194 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the ideal temperature at which you brew the best mug of coffee.

It is pretty natural to take some time to brew up a great cup of coffee going through these processes. However, the bottom line is you get to have an authentic cup of tasty coffee which will make the wait worthwhile.

As for its grinder, the Jura E8 automatic espresso machine features a ceramic-built burr-grinder, which is the special Aroma G3 grinder by Jura. The durable grinder with double blades shows consistent results in grinding the coffee beans.

Additionally, the ceramic grinder is an ever-lasting one and is not prone to rust for a significant amount of time. Steel grinders might not give you such freedom of usage.

You also get 8 different settings for the grinder in the unit to choose from as per your preferences.

Perhaps, you would taste barista-quality supreme coffees in the comfort of your home!

jura e8 review in piano white color

12. Large LED Display And Button Controls

Like all of the coffee machines by Jura, the E8 also features a great LED display. Now you don’t have to see the grayscale displays of typical machine units. You actually get to see colored images on the screen for a better text display.

Two buttons attached beside the screen let you configure the system easily. The buttons appear in the shape of a half-moon on the machine’s edge. They let you control the milk pour along with the level of the water temperature.

The good thing about these buttons is that they do not outweigh the LED display and are pretty simple to press and use.

13. The Filter System

The filter system of the Jura E8 Coffee Machine prompts you to run a clean cycle after every 180 drinks. The filtering process is super-simple. It involves clearing the drip and grounds tray.

All you need to do is add the cleaning table to the pre-ground coffee compartment. Next, let the machine do what it needs to do. You may be necessarily limited to using the Jura cleaning tablets, but they enable the life-long durability of the unit.

14. Cleaning And Maintenance

All automatic espresso machines require detaching and reapplying of their parts and high-pressure hoses. The combination of such mechanical parts gives rise to devices that demand great care and maintenance to last for a longer period. Jura has managed to equip smart-cleaning into its E8 model.

Once you plug in the machine, the LED display prompts the hardness of water to be used. The device comes along with a test strip using which you can enter the reading and specify it into the unit.

On the basis of the hardness levels of the water used, the machine takes turns while descaling it to maintain the machine according to the needs. However, this is an additional feature for an enhanced cleaning process of the appliance. For an in depth step by step cleaning guide, do not forget to check out this post.


15. Intelligent Water filtration system

You can simply opt for the Jura filtration system if you are not going for the descaling of the coffee machine. Jura has introduced its innovative Intelligent Water System containing RFID tags. The tags remove limescale and other toxic materials regardless of the hardness levels of the water.

The machine is capable of detecting the filter and accordingly sets the replacement intervals for the filter. This way, you don’t miss out on its time to change it.

Note that limescale may be the end of espresso machines, and Jura and its forever customers expect only the goodies of the device. Thus, the Jura E8 makes no exception here. It has to be at its best as well.

The machine will maintain itself by conducting rinse cycles regularly when you put it on power. It also takes rest after 10 minutes of usage of making any milk beverage. After that, you turn off the device.

Jura suggests cleaning the milk dispenser every time after use more thoroughly. How is this to be done?

Well, it is pretty straightforward. Fill the cleaning caddy of Juda with their provided cleaning solution. Next, you need to run 250ml of that solution using the milk frother. Finally, you should remove the milk frother and rinse it.

e8 with all accessories

Good value for money

The Jura E8 is no doubt an expensive deal. However, you cannot deny that it comes with impressive customization and quality. It is a widely agreed fact that automatic coffee machines seldom are inexpensive. Thus, at the end of the day, what matters is quality and performance.

The E8 model by Jura comes equipped with several features. It is reliable and exceptionally easy to use and maintain.

Overall, in this case, you can conclude that the Jura E8 is a good value for money. However, it may not be the ideal option for budget buyers. Nevertheless, it won’t disappoint you quality-wise. Also, do check out our review of Jura E6 which is priced slightly lower.


As a customer, you would be quite impressed with Jura for their warranty facilities.

Like all the Jura coffee machines, the Jura E8 features a 2-year warranty period. You can utilize 65,000 brews under their warranty period. Such a warranty period and facility secure the highlights of the Jura coffee models.

No doubt, there are terms to follow and conditions to cater to so as to be eligible for the warranty. Make sure you go through them before even purchasing the product.

Jura E8 2015 vs. Jura E8 2019 – A Comparison

Now that you are well-acquainted with the features and working of the Jura E8 model, let’s compare the 2015 and 2019 models.

The Jura E8 2019 version is similar to the Jura 2015 version in terms of the body, display, and dimensions. However, there are a few changes. This section will outline those differences.

The 2019 version of the 2015 model portrays 16 vs. 12 specialties, including new options. The options include hot water for green tea, espresso doppio, special coffee, and espresso macchiato.

Jura has designed the 2019 model with a professional fine foam frother G2 with a selector switch and a frother dial.

The 2019 version of Jura E8, unlike the 2015 model, comes with a premium-build design portraying an elegant look for the water tank. Moreover, while the 2015 version lacks it, the 2019 version is equipped with the two times higher-in-speed Aroma G3 grinder. Do not forget to checkout the comparison of Jura E6 vs E8 to find out which is better!



Do checkout the following video to see this brewer in action!

Pros Of The Jura E8

  • It has a smooth and user-friendly interface.
  • The unit comes with a self-rinsing facility for better cleaning of the machine.
  • One of the supreme machines that offers you a consistency of taste.
  • The machine has two nozzles to produce frothy cups of coffee simultaneously.

Cons Of the Jura E8

  • There is no option to display the temperature.
  • The milk frother system is too complex to work with initially.

Jura E8 super automatic coffee maker review – Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the maximum height for the coffee spout?

    The Jura E8 comes with adjustable spouts. You can adjust both the height and the width of the spouts. The maximum height of the spout can be changed, ranging from 65 millimeters to 111 millimeters. You can adjust the hot water spout from 111mm to 157mm.

    This prevents the usage of large mugs below the spout. However, a household mug that is 4-inch high shall work efficiently. This way, you are not barred to only 1oz espresso shots.

  • Can I use E.S.E. pods and grounds with the Jura E8 machine?

    No, E.S.E. pods are not compatible with the Jura E8. They are usable with semi-automatic coffee machines only. You do have the option of bypassing the grinder for pre-ground coffee. This way, you get a broader scope for customization.

  • Can Jura E8 make a latte?

    The Jura E8 features about 20 options for the menu. You can make lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, and even the popular flat white as well. Without moving your cup, you get to brew your favorite coffee with the touch of a button.

    You have the option of programming the settings to select from the list of options and make your preferable cup of coffee. Moreover, the Jura E8 Coffee Machine uses a pick-up tube system for the milk.

  • How to use it?

    We have mentioned the basic steps to get you started. If you want to know more about the advanced features offered, you can read the official user manual.

Final Verdict

The Jura E8 offers you a wide variety of features and benefits at quite a reasonable price for such a super-automatic coffee brewing machine.

The elegant design, programming features for the different beverage modes, and automatic maintenance features make the Jura E8 stand out among its competition.

It may be missing out on a few features of even higher-end models, such as ceramic grinders or dual heating elements. It never disappoints you for an outstanding user experience. Although the price of the Jura E8 is shooting-high, with its range of features and benefits, it has no match.

Instead of hitting the barista café, you can now brew your cup of barista-style refreshing, hot, steamy coffee of your preference with the press of a button. It takes minimum effort, and you get to stay at home, looking through your magazines while sipping your favorite coffee.

Get yourself a Jura E8 at home and brew your favorite barista-style coffee!

Jura E8 Review 2021 – Should you buy one? | BBHF

Check out the JURA E8 Review which highlights all the features and functions along with types of brew offered by this fabulous machine, now in UK, Canada.

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