Jura ENA Micro 5 Review 2021 – Is it intelligent enough?

Jura Ena Micro 5 Review

Checkout top features & specifications offered by the Jura ENA Micro 5 review by BlackBearHartFord, the budget offering by JURA, available in the UK and Canada


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Most coffee, latte, and cappuccino lovers would recognize the Jura brand. The Swiss maker and distributor of home appliances have been producing quality products since 1931. Many people who are working from home are looking to upgrade their home coffee machines. If you’re one of them, then consider the ENA Micro 5. Equipped with the latest smart technologies and capable of churning out quality coffee, this might be the only product you’ll ever need. Here’s a thorough, unbiased review of Jura ENA Micro 5 to help you out in your buying journey.

What is Jura ENA Micro 5?

Micro 5 is a start-of-the-art automatic coffee that allows you to prepare the best Café-like coffee at home. But it’s not just a regular coffee. You can call it a barista-like machine that allows you to perfect the taste of the coffee—no wonder why professionals love the Jura products for their coffee shop. It’s one of the only machines that allow you to prepare two cups of specialty coffee simultaneously.

The device is smart enough to get you the same consistent coffee in both cups. From grinding the beans to the final cup, you will notice that the Micro 5 model makes your life easy with its automation. The brand has decades of experience in automation and super-automation. And this product leverages that brand expertise.

So when you’re buying Jura ENA Micro 5, you’re buying a coffee assistant for your home.

Jura ENA Micro 5 – 15016 Bean to cup machine – Overview

Dimensions23 x 32.3 x 44.5 cm
Weight19.6 lbs
Water reservoir capacity1.1 litres
Bean Container capacity4.4 oz or 125 grams
Pressure pump15 bars
One Touch OperationYes
Programmable coffee strength levels2
Dual spoutsYes
Height-adjustable dual coffee spouts1.2 – 4.4 inches
Brewing chamber capacity6 – 10 grams variable.
Max Servings9
BeveragesCoffee, espresso, ristretto, 2 x coffee, 2 x espresso, 2 x ristretto
Cable Length3.6 feet.
Energy saver modeYes, consumes 0.1 Watt in standby mode.
Milk SystemNot Available
JURA Smart ConnectNot Available
Available coloursSilver
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Top Features offered –  Jura ENA Micro 5 Review 2021

The reputation the Micro five holds among the coffee enthusiasts is high. This is because of many of the features that come with it. Some of the features are proprietary, and you’re not going to find them elsewhere. As a consumer, you’re going to like most of the features mentioned below.

1. Aroma+ Grinder

Grinding is the primary concern for most coffeemakers. This is because it affects the entire flavoring and aroma of the coffee. When you grind coffee beans, it exposes the volatile compounds that are locked in the beans.

For the best coffee beans grinding experience, the ENA Micro 5 ships with the Aroma+ Grinder. This is in-built, and you don’t have to purchase it separately. The uniformity of the grind can make or break the coffee preparation. Thus, a consistent grind is of the utmost importance when brewing coffee. The superior blades of the Aroma+ Grinder ensure you get the most consistent powder for making your coffee. The finer the powder, the more intense the flavor will be.

Besides this, the advanced grinder design reduces the griding time required by 50%. The credit of the time reduction goes to the geometry and finer teeth selection on the inbuilt grinder. Not only grinding time, but there’s a 50% reduction in noise too.

jura ena micro 5 review uk variant canada

2. Two Spouts

This model from Jura features dual spouts to help you brew two cups of coffee from a single machine. The spouts are between 1.2-4.4 inches in length. You can brew two cups simultaneously with just a mere swivel.

Moreover, these are smart spouts. They’re height-adjustable and detects if it should brew one or two cups of coffee. If there’s just one cup, it will brew one, whereas if there are two, then it’ll prepare two. To top it off, it will even add excellent crema on top of these beverages. They’re also rotating and rotate based on the number of cups.

3. Adjustable Brewing Option

The ENA Micro 5 is an automated coffee machine capable of brewing three different specialties. Those are coffee, espresso, and ristretto. You can start with brewing coffee by keeping the settings simple and to the minimum. You can adjust the strength and brew espresso and ristretto accordingly. Ristretto is the concentrated form of espresso and would require the highest settings.

If you’re up for some late-night decaf, you can use the Bypass Doser system and use some ground coffee instead, thereby skipping the grinding part.

4. Intelligent Pre Brew Aroma System (IPBAS)

The Micro 5 has perfected the coffee-making process even before you brew the coffee. The Intelligent Pre Brew Aroma System, which is proprietary to Jura, is designed to take care of the pre-brew process. The IPBAS develops the maximum flavor out of the beans. Whether you roast or blend the beans, you get the same quality. The pre-brewing unit is central to the coffee machine and holds 16 grams of coffee powder. This ensures you prepare coffee optimized for your taste buds. You can buy it online on Amazon here.

5. Pulse Extraction Process (PEP)

The Pulse Extraction Process, another proprietary technology of Jura, takes the coffee-making process to another level. The PEP comes in handy when you’re preparing ristretto or espresso at home.

bean hopper image

The technology optimizes extraction time. Since espressos require advanced processing to extract all the flavor, a regular coffee maker will keep you waiting for several minutes. But not with the Micro 5 model. With just a click of a button, the machine will extract the richest aroma to create the perfect espresso or ristretto. And the best part is it cuts down the time in half. So if you’re always in a hurry from the moment you wake up, this machine will hopefully save you some time.

6. Stainless Steel ThermoBlock

The Micro 5 Model features a stainless steel Thermoblock that heats the water on the fly. It manages both the brew function and the steam function and is better than the boiler, thus significantly reducing the healing time. The stainless steel body ensures the safest operation in preparing your coffee. It also plays a role in the durability of the machine. Not only that, but the stainless steel metallic body is a pleasure for your eyes. The Thermoblock is replaceable, though, and you can replace the existing one with other compatible variants.

7. CLEARYL Filter

Model 5 has advanced filter cartridges to filter out any hard materials present in the coffee. The filter comes into action right before the coffee is dispensed to be filtered, thereby removing the impurities. This ensures you get a consistent and pure coffee every time that is free from impurities. When you prepare the coffee, it’s natural for calcium to deposit inside the machine. The CLEARYL filters help to stop calcium deposits, which can create brewing and safety problems. Also, they might affect the aroma and taste.

8. 1.1 Litres Water Tank

The ENA Micro 5 model might look compact, but it has 1.1 liters of water tank inside of it. So you do not have to worry about filling the tank cup by cup. Depending on how many coffee drinkers are in the house, the tank will get you through two or three mornings.

controls on micro 5 image

9. Intelligent Water System (IWS)

The coffee machine also has something known as IWS or Intelligent Water Systems. It runs internal checks on various components of the machine. If it spots any maintENAnce work, then it lets you know via a notification.

10. Energy Save Mode (ESM)

Jura has set standards for itself when it comes to energy efficiency. Almost all of its products, including Micro 5, come with Energy Save Mode. When you activate this mode, the settings are optimized to create the beverage in the shortest possible time. This can reduce as much as 40% of the energy if compared to the traditional brewers. But all of this without compromising on the quality or aroma. You’ll also find a “Zero-Energy switch” that helps reduce standby energy to as little as 0.1 W. This is far lower than the statutory value requirement of 0.5 W.

These are just some of the features you’re going to find in Jura ENA Micro 5. But since the coffee maker is automated, you’re probably not going to deal with all of them. Just supply the raw materials and get hot brewed coffee through the spouts.

Checkout the following video, where unboxing is being done or head over to Amazon to grab one for yourself.

Jura ENA Micro 5 Review UK – Brewing

front view

After going through the essential features, it’s time to review the coffee-making process. This will help you get a glimpse of what it’s like to operate the ENA Micro 5.

As already mentioned, this is an automatic coffee maker. So all you need is to put coffee beans in the grinder, select flavors and strength, fill the water tank, push the buttons. In a few seconds, you’ll have hot coffee served in the cup. The espresso we prepared while reviewing took 25 seconds from scratch. That’s how fast this machine is.

Now let’s look at how the overall experience was dealing with the ENA Micro 5 coffee machine.

1. Grinding

The grinding is the most thrilling and perhaps the most essential part of making coffee. The ENA Micro 5 device ships with the proprietary aroma and grinder right out of the box. It makes the grinding process smooth and effortless. You can grind 4 ounces of beans at a time. The grinder geometry and sharp rotating teeth offer uniform processing of the coffee beans. This allows complete extraction of the aroma, which is preserved inside the hopper. This is then delivered straight into your coffee for the best results.

So the grinding experience is just as exciting as taking your first sip.

2. Taste

All the coffee machines, whether manual or automatic, must be judged based on taste. After all, a quality, strong coffee is what a coffee maker is supposed to produce. ENA Micro 5, too, makes strong-tasting cups of coffee every time you switch it on.

If you’re an espresso or ristrettos lover, then you have to adjust the settings. Thanks to advanced features like PEP and IPBAS, preparing the coffee specialties is comfortable with this machine. The taste is intense, and so is the aroma.

There’s an in-built pre-heating system that ensures the coffee is hot when you pour it into your cup. So never be worried about serving yourself or anyone a cold coffee on a chilly morning.

3. Design

The Micro 5 is compact and comes with a sleek metallic design. Measuring 10.45 X 14.7 inches, it is compact enough to fit into your kitchen cabinet easily. Otherwise, you can place it on your kitchen counter. The stainless steel body will adorn the space.

The coffee machine has a simple button-operated panel. Choose one of three sizes and the strength level. The device will then brew the specialty cup of coffee for you. With two rotating smart spouts, it knows whether to fill one or two cups. So working with Jura ENA Micro 5 is easy.

4. Cleaning and MaintENAnce

Many homeowners select coffeemakers keeping in view the maintENAnce requirement. Jura takes great pride in all of its products and delivers only the best.

All the materials provided in the Micro 5 model are selected with durability in mind. This is evident by looking at its stainless steel body. Not only is it durable but easy to clean. Wiping with wet clothes is all you need to get rid of marks or water spots. You should also checkout the cleaning guide for JURA machines.

The Intelligent Water System or IWS is responsible for checking the internal health of the coffee maker. The CLEARYL water filter communicates with the IWS and the coffee machine using RFID technology. It continuously sends updates regarding filter use and capacity. So when the filter has worn out, you can replace it with new ones.

The filter also ensures the coffee maker won’t require tons of de-scaling. All of these things make Micro 5 a convenient appliance to maintain.


  • Features dual spouts, which are intelligent enough to accommodate variable cup heights.
  • Makes use of Aroma + Grinder which preserves the flavour.
  • Pretty compact and light weight machine.
  • Can brew 3 different types of beverages.
  • Performs internal checks to make sure everything is working as expected.
  • Includes energy saving mode as well.


  • Bean hopper is average in size.
  • Lacks milk frother.
  • It does not support the JURA smart connect application.

Jura ENA 5 vs Jura ENA 8 vs Jura E6

Juna ENA 5 is the base model of the Jura Micro series. The upgraded model is ENA 8 (Checkout Ena 8 review here). Even though both are similar in looks and features, there are specific differences. And the most noticeable one is the price. While ENA 5 ships for about $700-800, the ENA 8 comes at a price tag of $1,900. So that’s almost double to amount. Jura E6 (review) is a premium E line product that is different from ENA models.

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So what are the main differences?

1. Milk Frother

The main difference between the two is the milk froth. If you’re preparing cappuccinos, lattes, or macchiatos, then you must be concerned about the foam. The Micro 5 model is equipped with superior fine foam technology that creates textured foam. You have to pour in raw milk, and the coffee machine will handle the rest. If you require to heat the milk to the desired temperature, then you can do so in this machine. You can find out more about the type of milk system used by your brewer here.

The ENA Micro 5, being a base model, doesn’t have any milk frother. So you’ll miss out on creamy coffees. So if frothing is compulsory for you, then Micro 5 is not the model for you.

Like Micro 8, the E6 model also has a milk frothing system, but an advanced one. So you’ll get finer texture foam.

2. Grinder

The second difference is in the grinder. The ENA 5 model features the Aroma+ grinder, while the ENA 8 model has an Aroma G3 grinder. While the Aroma+ allows you to prepare coffee in three varying strengths, the G3 grinder enables you to select ten different adjustable strengths. So you’ll have more control over the coffee creation process. You can better optimize the coffee to suit your taste buds. So the ENA 8 model is far superior to the ENA 5 in this regard too.

3. Programmed Specialties

The Micro 5 model allows you to create three programmed specialties: coffee, espresso, and ristretto. With Micro 8, you can make 10. And with E6, you can create 8. So the ENA Micro 8 offers the most types of coffee specialties. Since all the models are automatic, all you have to do is press a couple of buttons.

4. Brewing Chamber Capacity

All the models have the same brewing chamber capacity, which is around 6-10 grams. So there’s no difference in there.

5. Water Reservoir

The water reservoir is the same for both the Micro five and Micro 8 model. Each model holds about 4.5 cups or 36.8 oz. But with E6, you get a bigger reservoir of 63 oz. So with Jura E6, you can have approximately double the number of cups of coffee.

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6. Smart Connect

Jura allows you to control the coffee makers with an app conveniently. The JOE or Jura Operating Experience is all you need to create coffee from your mobile phone. It communicates with the machine via Radio-frequency Identification or RFID in real-time. The app is intuitive and easy to use, so even your grandma can operate it. You’ll also receive notifications regarding the health of the filter. If the filter spots limescale, then it raises the alarm to make changes at the earliest.

You’ll get this feature in the Micro 8 and E6 model, but not in the Micro 5 model. Download the app on your Android and iOS devices or tablets from the respective app stores for free.

7. Touch Control

The Micro 8 features an intuitive touch panel that looks stylish and is simple to use. The display will walk you through the coffee-making process. So when you start the coffee maker, it will ask you to put the coffee beans in the chamber, then pour in the milk, select the strength level.

The panel will display when the coffee is being processed and inform you once completed. You wouldn’t be getting all of this minute information on the Micro 5 model. The E6 also has this TFT color display that makes working with coffee machines so much fun.

There are other differences too, but the above ones are the primary ones. Especially the foam maker is a significant difference. People who’re emotionally connected to the lattes and cappuccinos will pay more to have a coffee maker capable of preparing milk froths. So paying double the amount for ENA Micro 8 makes sense. Being able to make ten different coffee strength varieties also is another factor to consider.

Other than that, the smart control and touch interface are secondary benefits. To make your decision-making process simple, ask yourself whether you want to prepare creamy coffee at home and willing to pay extra. If so, then you’ll find both Micro 8 and E6 a total value for money.

Jura E6 is the mid-rage model that ships for around $1,500. Thus if you’re balancing features and budget, then Jura E6 is a no-brainer. You can head over to Amazon to buy Ena Micro 5 now!

Summing up – Is it worth buying one?

Coffee making is always considered art. That’s why people prefer to get their morning coffee from their nearby coffee shop rather than preparing on their own. Therefore, people who prepare quality coffee are artists. But even artists require tools like brush and canvas to create their art. The Jura ENA Micro 5 can be that tool for you. Irrespective of whether you’re seasoned at creating different specialties of coffee or are forced to develop for the first time, this product will make your life easier.

If you’re just getting started with the Jura brand, then this is the most affordable product. From programmable brewing to intelligent coffee spouts to world-class grinder, you get so much in an entry-level product. The only thing you’ll be missing out on this product is preparing foam. There’s no frothing system that comes with it. So creamy coffee lovers might have to give this product a miss. But if you can stay without the creamy specialties, consider this product as your next home coffee machine.

Those who experience the elegance and automation Jura has to offer; they become an instant fan. So purchase the ENA Micro 5 today to explore the world of Jura. There’s a two year warranty period with this brand, which is another reason to bring home the Micro 5.

Jura Ena Micro 5 manual download

You can download the Micro 5 manual from here.

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