Coffee Machine – Keurig K Duo Plus Coffee Maker Reviews

The Keurig K Duo Plus coffee maker brews single-serving cups and carafes of coffee. We loved how simple it was to set up and use, as well as how convenient the design was.

Doesn’t matter if you have a large family or like entertaining, it’s difficult to appease everyone when your coffee machine only makes basic coffee. People’s tastes have evolved, and they desire variety. That is why advanced coffee makers include options for single as well as multiple servings and other features. The Keurig K Duo Plus  is one example of a machine with multiple functions. We evaluated its setup, cleanliness,  quality, and additional features. Continue reading this Keurig K Duo Plus review to learn about the famous Keurig K Duo Plus.


Keurig K Duo Plus Review

Keurig K Duo Plus Pros And Cons


  • Produces individual servings and carafes.
  • Water reservoir that can be adjusted.
  • Simple to operate and set up.
  • Coffee is kept warm for several hours.


  • The settings are limited in their customizability.
  • Regular cleaning is required.
  • A comprehensive user guide is not included.


Keurig K Duo Plus: Process of Configuration

How to use my k cup with Keurig Duo Plus? Well, it’s simple and straightforward.

The entire process in Keurig Duo Plus took approximately 15 -20 minutes. Regrettably, Keurig Duo Plus did not come with a comprehensive manual.

The Keurig K Duo Plus has an attractive design that complements the rest of Keurig’s sleek line of products. This coffee maker is black with silver accents and has a contemporary design that will complement the majority of kitchens.

Additionally, we adored the convenient design. Keurig K Duo Plus features a water reservoir that can be adjusted. This means that we were able to move the water reservoir’s base to the back, left, or right of the machine in order to change the location of the reservoir on the machine. This was quite unique and ingenious because it maximized our counter space. We ended up relocating the reservoir base to the rear of the machine in order to reduce the width from 8.2 to 7.68 inches.

Additionally, Keurig K Duo Plus coffee maker can brew single cups too. Simply place the mug on the drip tray, lift the pod holder door (which is located behind the filter basket drawer), insert the K-Cup pod, and close the pod holder door. Following that, click the “Pod” button and then the brew size.


Keurig K Duo Plus: Cleaning Ease

This coffee machine must be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure proper operation. After each use, it is critical to clean the carafe, carafe lid, filter basket, and mesh filter. These components must be hand-washed in warm, soapy water.

Additionally, descaling should be performed every three months.


Keurig K Duo Plus: Additional Features

This machine includes a few additional features, including Programmable Carafe Auto Brew, which enables users to schedule brew times up to 24 hours in advance. We enjoyed coming downstairs to our kitchen and finding our coffee already brewed, rather than having to go through the morning brewing process.


Keurig K Duo Plus




Keurig K Duo Plus: Price

At around $200, the K Duo Plus is reasonably priced.


Keurig K Duo Plus: Final Judgment

The Keurig K Duo Plus is unquestionably worth the investment. Its ease of use and set up along with the excellent coffee it makes includes several convenient features such as an auto-brew feature and a movable water reservoir.


What Features Should You Look for in a Coffee Maker?

There are numerous factors to consider when purchasing a coffee maker, but the majority of decisions revolve around personal preference, budget, and convenience.



Do you want a nearly hands-off morning coffee experience, do you want the coffee waiting for you when you wake up, or do you enjoy the ritual of brewing coffee? When you awake, a programmable electric coffee maker can have your coffee ready for you. Pour-over coffee makers that are manually operated, such as French press brewers and stovetop espresso pots, all require your undivided attention to achieve the perfect cup. While pod machines are ideal for households with multiple members who each prefer a different type of coffee and do not require large quantities, they are not ideal for households with multiple members who each prefer a different type of coffee.


Type Of Coffee

While coffee makers and espresso machines are typically distinct machines, hybrid machines capable of brewing both types of coffee are also available. Having two machines on the counter takes up a lot of space, but it’s the best option if you enjoy both coffee and espresso and want to prepare them perfectly. While hybrid machines will save space and cost less than purchasing two separate machines, they may not be the best option if you want the highest quality coffee and espresso. While pod machines frequently offer espresso-style drinks, they are not the most authentic; therefore, if you prefer traditional espresso or cappuccino, it is best to avoid these.


Brew Size

Single-cup brewers are ideal for individuals who live alone or for households where each member has a distinct flavor or style of coffee. Additionally, they are ideal for households where each member awakens at a different time. Large brewers are frequently labeled with ten to twelve cups, but be aware that a “cup” of coffee in a machine is only five to six ounces, not eight or sixteen! You can even find commercial-sized brewers for large parties that can brew enough coffee for small events.



How tall is the Keurig K-Duo Plus?

Keurig K Duo Plus is 14.19 inches tall when closed and 17.5 inches tall with the handle open, so make sure it fits before sliding it under kitchen cabinets.

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