Coffee Machine – Keurig K Supreme Plus Coffee Maker Reviews

Keurig K Supreme Plus: Introduction

The Keurig K Supreme Plus is a more customized version of the K Supreme that not only raises the bar for the coffee experience, but also includes additional features such as a digital display, temperature control, and preset option buttons. When you purchase either of the products, you’ll also receive a water filter and a stand for it.

While both versions are works of art in their own right, I found the Keurig K Supreme Plus to be more comfortable, durable, and a better overall bet.


Keurig K Supreme Plus: Pros and Cons


  • The pinnacle of coffee extraction.
  • Selector for the strength level.
  • There are three temperature options.
  • Tank that can be repositioned.
  • The design is slim and space-saving.
  • Minimum wait time in the vicinity.
  • Operation is completely silent.
  • Compatibility with K-Cups.
  • Cup sizes range from small to large.


  • The Plus version does not include the adjustable tank.
  • The second and third temperature levels are identical.
  • Consider the Following Before Purchasing a Single-Serve K-Cup Brewer.


K-Cup coffee makers are popular with busy bees and newbie coffee consumers due to their simplicity and speed. However, they frequently fall short of producing a taste comparable to that of conventional brewers.

With its revolutionary engineering, the Keurig K Supreme Plus genuinely comprehends and resolves this issue.

If you’re a coffee purist who lacks the time or inclination to deal with the intricacies of traditional coffee makers, the Keurig K Supreme Plus may be a lifesaver.

However, keep in mind that you may need to invest quite a few bucks to obtain this amazing package. Therefore, if you’re looking for anything more affordable, please avoid this.


Reasons to Consider Keurig K Supreme Plus

Consider the following factors before purchasing any Keurig K Supreme Plus coffee maker to determine if it meets your unique needs.

Exceptional Flavor

The first reason to purchase the Keurig K Supreme Plus is for their delectable, authentic coffee flavor. Keurig K Supreme Plus has a new feature called Multistream Technology.

As the name implies, this technology uses numerous streams of water to brew your K-Cup rather than a single stream. When the brewer top is opened, you’ll notice five sharp needles all around the head, as opposed to the former ones, which had only one needle in the center.

These uniformly spaced needles puncture your K-Cup five times, enhancing water contact with the coffee grinds and extracting a fuller taste from the K-Cup content.

Without exaggeration, this incredible technology makes the Keurig K Supreme Plus taste better than any other K-Cup brewer, regardless of brand, price, or location.



Additionally, this Keurig device’s huge, removable, dual-position reservoir is a selling factor.

Second, the reservoir features an adjustable stand that enables it to be positioned on either the left or backside of the unit. This way, the device may be tucked into practically any corner.

The water reservoir of Keurig K Supreme Plus is detachable, allowing you to easily transport it to the water tap, fill it, and replace it.

Finally, it features a fixed handle on the side, which simplifies the operation of filling. A handle prevents fingerprints from being left on the tank’s surface and reduces wiping effort.



The Keurig K Supreme Plus is visually similar to the Keurig K-Mini and K-Slim variants. With a width of around 8 inches, a depth of approximately 13 inches, and a height of approximately 12 inches, this machine has a space-saving design and fits into the majority of kitchens.

Even when the lever is fully extended, it extends to a maximum height of 17 inches, which is fine if you have a conventional counter height.


Keurig K Supreme Plus 2


Naturally, when you relocate the reservoir to the back or side, the width and depth of the machine will alter.

Another fascinating feature of the new Keurig Supreme Plus design is the ultra-sturdy brew handle. While many consumers had complained about prior brewers’ unsteady K-cup holders, it appears as though Keurig has addressed the issue with this gadget.


Brewing Time

Due to the lack of a warm-up period, this Keurig guarantees a rapid cup of coffee. It brews in less than two minutes, and once you’ve finished your first cup, you can instantly begin brewing another.

This is a significant advantage for large houses or those who occasionally welcome a buddy or two.


Strong Brew Alternative

By default, the Keurig Supreme Plus produces a stronger, more delicious cup of coffee than other Keurig models. Additionally, it includes an option for saturated coffee, which is accomplished by slowing the water flow. Slower brewing results in increased contact time between the water and coffee, resulting in increased extraction.


Controls That Are Simple

The Keurig K Supreme Plus has the fewest buttons possible for your convenience. All controls are grouped together in a compact circular area on the top of the gadget for easy access.

Additionally, each button bears a self-evident label. Thus, utilizing the Strong option, the Iced setting, and other features is not difficult.

Additional convenience is provided by the two indicator lamps on the control panel. When your tank is depleted, one of them will illuminate, and the other will flash to tell you to descale the reservoir.


Final Remarks

The Keurig K-Supreme Plus is a charming addition to any home, and we’re excited to see how coffee enthusiasts react to it. With its programmable settings, we believe it can take us all on a memorable coffee journey.

Its innovative design and features, as well as the Users’ Favorites, make it ideal for coffee enthusiasts and entertaining. They’re ideal for coffee-obsessed family members and friends who frequent your home. With such a versatile coffee maker, the possibilities for creating coffee are virtually endless.

Due to the fact that the Keurig K-Supreme Plus is a new product on the market, many people are already planning to purchase it. If you’re interested in purchasing the unit as well, Amazon is the ideal place to shop. It is safe and responsible to purchase your favorite items online during the pandemic, and we encourage you to do so. Additionally, the coffee maker is currently on sale on Amazon, so purchasing it there will save you money. We hope you’ll heed our advice and soon begin enjoying the K Supreme Plus.



Is the Keurig K-Supreme plus single-serve coffee maker good?

It’s a versatile coffee maker and grinder with a variety of brewing options. The Keurig is able to have a large water tank while maintaining a small footprint. Yes, it is a little pricey, but it is well worth the investment, as it will provide years of coffee enjoyment.


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