Best coffee maker reviews: Ninja Coffee maker

The Ninja coffee maker’s versatility allows it to brew both ordinary cups of coffee and your favorite cafe-style specialty cocktails. It does not make cold brew coffee or tea. Regardless, it retains a high degree of adaptability for at-home baristas.



A variety of brew styles and sizes.

Warming plate with intelligence.

Included is a permanent filter.



There are no alternatives for cold brew or tea.

Significant footprint.

Coffee occasionally burns.


It can brew normal coffee in a variety of serving sizes, as well as cafe-style specialty drinks. Additionally, they share features such as Delay Brew and a fold-out milk frother. However, the Ninja Specialty’s lesser price comes at the expense of brew functionalities compared to the Hot or Cold Brewed System.

In comparison to the Hot & Cold machine, the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker does not produce cold brew or steep tea. However, if you only require a kettle to make tea and are patient enough to create a cold brew in a mason jar overnight, these omissions from the Ninja Specialty’s control screen will be irrelevant — especially given the Ninja Specialty’s continued availability of brew intensities and sizes.


Price of the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker

The Ninja coffee maker was launched in 2019 at a suggested retail price of $180. It is currently available on Amazon for $150. It’s a replacement for the now-defunct but similarly priced Ninja Coffee Bar. The changes between the two coffee machines are practically imperceptible; the Ninja Specialty has a more rounded and sleeker look but lacks the Coffee Bar’s extra-strong Cafe Forte brew option.

The Ninja coffee maker includes a permanent filter, which eliminates the need to purchase paper filters; however, you may use a #4 paper cone if desired. Keep in mind to thoroughly clean the reusable filter after each usage to avoid bitter coffee.


Features of the Ninja coffee machine

The Ninja coffee maker does not offer iced coffee in a variety of brew strengths, and specialty drinks are only available in one size (4-oz.). Nonetheless, the Ninja coffee machine boasts a substantial selection of brew options for a machine at this price point.

A sliding Drip Stop switch is located at the foot of the brew basket, which comes in handy if you need to take your first cup of coffee before brewing the remainder of the pot.

You can program the warming plate on the Ninja coffee brewer to stay on for up to four hours. Alternatively, you can manually adjust the warming plate’s temperature by pushing the Stay Warm button.

Single brews eliminate the need for coffee pods, which are becoming more prevalent in higher-end equipment. If you’re interested in converting your K-Cups to lattes, you can spend an additional $40 on the Keurig K-Cafe Special Edition, which features a slick brushed-nickel finish reminiscent of cafe-style espresso machines.


Ease of Use with the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker

The Ninja Specialty Coffee’s control panel is basic like the Ninja coffee pot. There is a single knob for selecting the desired brew size. Alternatively, simply press the button corresponding to the type of coffee you desire and you’re ready to start.

The Ninja coffee maker takes approximately the same amount of time to brew as the Hot or Cold Systems. On the ‘traditional’ option, it takes around ten minutes to brew a full carafe.

The Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker’s replaceable components — including the glass carafe — are dishwasher safe on the top rack. The Clean button will glow if the machine requires a more thorough descaling of calcium accumulation.


Performance of the Ninja coffee maker

In general, the Ninja coffee maker made some reasonably good cups of coffee like the Ninja coffee pot. Unfortunately, there were instances when my coffee tasted bitter—and occasionally burned—when I selected the ‘rich’ preset. I had no issues using the same type of coffee and brew setting with the Ninja Hot or Cold Brewed System.

I should mention that I typically pour myself a cup of coffee as soon as a carafe is ready, so I cannot blame the Intelligent Warming Plate for the scorched bitterness.


Ninja Coffee maker


While I’m not a huge fan of iced coffee, the Ninja Specialty’s ‘over ice’ setting did an excellent job of not diluting the coffee, but similar to the Hot or Cold System, my iced coffee was not very smooth.

My favorite was the specialty coffees, which were generally simple to prepare, especially with the fold-out milk frother on hand. I’m particularly fond of the flat whites and cappuccino-style coffees I sampled because the ‘specialty’ brews served as an ideal and well-balanced foundation for adding frothy milk and other accents.

The Ninja coffee maker begins with a few whirring sounds and ends with a high-pitched beep. Apart from that, it’s a rather quiet machine.


Is it worth it to get the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker?

In general, the Ninja coffee maker is a flexible equipment that comes equipped with everything necessary to create a variety of specialty beverages. It’s ideal for anyone looking for a coffee maker capable of brewing a respectable cup of morning coffee while also handling fancier drinks when the occasion calls for it.

The Ninja coffee maker is a less expensive option for those who do not require the extensive functionality of the Ninja Hot or Cold Brewed System.

Apart from the ability of the Hot or Cold Brewed System to create tea and cold brew, these two Ninja coffee makers share a plethora of functions. Both Ninja coffee brewers are highly capable in their respective fields, so the choice will ultimately come down to personal preference and budget.



How to clean Ninja coffee maker?

Here is a guide to teach you how to clean:


How to use Ninja coffee maker?

Learn how to use a ninja coffee maker via this link:


Can you grind coffee beans in a Ninja?

Yes, you can grind coffee beans in a Ninja coffee maker.

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