Oxo Brew 9-cup coffee maker review 2022

Can’t get the right proportion of coffee to water every time you make coffee? It must be very annoying when you are late for the office and can’t have your perfect coffee. Now, you have the ideal opportunity to make your day better with the best coffee at your home.

You can buy a reliable and efficient coffee maker. And what’s better than getting one of the Oxo brewers? This brewer will change your style of brewing coffee.

With technical processes, the coffee maker can provide a delicious cup of coffee like that of your favorite barista.

Specialty Coffee Association has recognized Oxo Brew 9-Cup Coffee Maker as the best home brewer for providing gold-standard and rich coffee whenever you want. The features and the performance will make you purchase the coffee maker right away.

So, let’s dive into the detailed review to get you addicted to this coffee maker.

What Is Oxo Brew 9-Cup coffee maker?

This coffee maker is an excellent drip brewer for serious coffee lovers. The coffee maker is suitable for those who cannot survive the day without a cup of coffee. So, it’s time to become your own barista and have a high-tech drip coffee right in your cups.

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Being high-tech machinery, you will get the coffee made at the right temperature with the correct proportion with just one button. The coffee maker has ensured that it meets and outperforms the competitors in the coffee industry.



Dimensions15 x 8.3 x 17.2 inches
Weight11.4 lbs or 5.17 kilograms
Water Reservoir capacity48 ounces or 1.41 Litres
MaterialStainless steel and SCA certified plastic
Fully programmableYes
Brewing temperature197.6 – 204.8 degrees Fahrenheit
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Appearance And Design

The 9-cup espresso maker by Oxo offers an elegant and modern aesthetic appearance along with sleek touches. The black plastic accents the brushed stainless-steel carafe and water reservoir, which beautifies your kitchen’s interior.

Moreover, the minimalistic design of the machine makes it look handsome yet being simple in operation.

The coffee maker measures 15 X 8.3 X 17.2 inches such that you would feel like using a professional coffee machine.

The cylindrical coffee machine includes a heating system and a 1.3L water tank. Along with the water tank, you will find a brew basket for a paper filter.

The stylish machine has an LED screen on one side and controls to operate the device within the black base. Further, the machine’s black plastic top has a stainless-steel band that separates see-through and large water reservoirs.

You can add coffee grinds and filter to the other side of the machine. The coffee and filter housing is made from shiny metal. Additionally, the coffee maker is equipped with a non-slip wide black handle, and a black flared shape top offers an aesthetically pleasing appearance.


Better Brew Precision

Have you heard of the pour-over method? In the pour-over method, you add two times the quantity of water into the coffee and stir for about 30 to 45 seconds. After that, you pour it slowly and spiral for even consistency.

The Oxo Brew 9-Cup Coffee Maker has a controlled brew cycle that works similar to the pour-over technique. The brewing cycle starts when the water is emptied into the brew basket.

The seven-hole rainmaker showerhead helps to saturate the grounds. In the first water cycle, the water will get evenly heated at the right temperature to disperse in equal proportion. Due to this, you will get your coffee at the desired temperature and full of flavor.


What’s better than having the ability to customize your coffee as per your taste preferences? It’s more than a necessity to have programmable settings in your coffee machine.

This espresso maker allows you to program your coffee according to your day at any time. With just one button, you can choose to have the coffee of your liking.

To program the amount of coffee for brewing, hold the button unless it changes to a timer, and then set the time with a twist dial. However, make sure you keep an eye on PM or AM to avoid any confusion.


If you twist the dial anti-clockwise, you can make small 2-4 cups of coffee. On the other hand, if you rotate the dial clockwise, you can make standard 5-9 cups of coffee. Moreover, the coffee maker allows you to set schedules with the dial.

BBHF review of oxo brew 9-cup coffee maker

Temperature Control

You can enjoy the coffee best when it is prepared at the right temperature. Not many people like to drink their coffee cold; we are sure even you don’t. So, the coffee maker offers you the ability to control the temperature.

Generally, 197.6-204.8 degrees is the ideal coffee temperature at which the machine heats the water before dripping in your cup. Besides, the stainless steel carafe is vacuum-sealed and double-walled to keep the freshness and warmth intact.

The machine has a silicone mixing tube that helps properly blend the coffee inside the device for a delicious and fresh taste.


LED Screen

Don’t you want the coffee machine to keep you updated with the time left to make the coffee? The Oxo Brew 9-Cup Coffee Machine has a working clock on its LED display screen that is backlit.

The LED screen also displays a freshness indicator for up to 60 minutes. As soon as you brew the coffee, the timer starts and displays the time left in minutes. So, you will always have a perfectly brewed coffee.

Apart from that, the icon of the carafe on the LED screen will begin to blink when you remove the stainless steel carafe. This way, it will always alert you to place the carafe back in the machine.


Large Water Reservoir

You will need a transparent reservoir to measure the number of cups of coffee you want to make. The reservoir should be able to hold about 40 ounces of water to make nine cups. That’s why you have a large water reservoir that has measurements for your ease.

features large water reservoir

For a single cup, only one cup of water is sufficient. What does it mean?

You will have to water every time while brewing for the new cup of coffee. Moreover, refilling the tank is easy as you can lift the lid and pour the desired water you need for coffee.


Internal Mixing Tube

Another essential feature of the coffee machine is the carafe mixing tube. The internal carafe mixing tube is attached to the carafe’s lid and has a very crucial role to perform.

Have you noticed that sometimes, the first pour out of any coffee machine is weak and without any rich taste? This happens when, after brewing, the densely rich coffee stays at the carafe’s bottom while the rest goes to the top. This way, the coffee doesn’t mix well.

The carafe mixing tube solves this issue. Many elements are deduced from coffee grinds when the drip coffee brews. The mixing tube will mix the brewed coffee at the carafe’s bottom, so you get a rich and perfect taste right at the first pour.

Also, the tube is removable, and you can clean it after use.

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Ease Of Use

The Oxo Brew 9-Cup Coffee Maker is designed while considering user-friendliness. The machine has streamlined and intuitive controls at the front. Moreover, the parts aren’t flimsy. The thermal carafe and water tank have a sturdy and durable build.

Besides, the machine comes with ten paper filters and a coffee scoop to make it easy for users to operate the machine. The microprocessor-controlled brew cycle will help you produce an equal amount of coffee every time.


  • The machine is SCAA-certified for producing gold-standard coffee consistently
  • The device has a solid build quality and construction
  • Pulse brewing technique mimics the pour-over method
  • A Seven-hole showerhead provides consistent saturation
  • One-dial control for convenience
  • Easy-to-pour and well-built carafe


  • The machine doesn’t allow to adjust pulse or brew time
  • The large size of the machine takes up most of the counter space
  • It might have a slow brewing process

Oxo Brew 9-Cup Coffee Maker review: Who is it suitable for?

The coffee maker makes an excellent option for those who want to produce coffee in large quantities. Also, the temperature control will let you keep the coffee warm for long hours.

Therefore, it is an excellent machine for coffee lovers who want a programmable coffee drip machine.

The versatility of the machine allows coffee enthusiasts to experiment with the premium features. Being easy to clean, set up, and program, you can always have your way with the machine.


Final Thoughts

If you want your coffee that tastes exactly like those prepared by expert baristas, this coffee maker is the perfect choice for you. With one-button brewing, you have all the control to adjust water volume and coffee grounds.

The modern and sleek design of the machine will highlight your kitchen’s interiors. Moreover, it makes a great piece to display among your guests and let them have the rich and flavorful taste of the coffee.

Are you ready to get a cup of coffee from this highly advanced and high-quality machine? If yes, then hurry and buy it before it gets out of stock. Also, you can checkout the manual for device here. You can even consider the On Barista maker by OXO, we have mentioned it here on our site.

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