How to clean Jura coffee machine? Plus mistakes that make you look dumb

Are you a big fan of the coffee and espressos made by your fully automatic Jura coffee machine? If yes, then you are in the company of thousands of other happy and satisfied buyers. Jura has become a trendy brand among coffee enthusiasts around the world in a short time. The automatic machines of Jura give you the heavenly taste of coffee from freshly ground coffee beans, just like the lattes and espressos you enjoy at Barista. As your Jura machine has to work with milk, water, and coffee regularly, it is essential to keep it clean. Do you know how to clean your Jura coffee machine? I am sure many of you do not have any idea about it. Sure, you might have seen that there are cleaning tablets available in the market, but do you know how to use them?

Cleaning of your automatic machines is essential not just for hygiene and tasty coffee but also for its maintenance. If you do not clean it properly at regular intervals, you can experience a dip in not just the taste of coffee it makes but also the overall efficiency of the machine. Considering the hefty price you are paying, it is only in your interest to ensure that you clean it adequately after regular intervals. The coffee maker is not an automobile that goes out and moves on roads. It is also not like your diamond necklace that is used sparingly in parties. It is a system that makes delicious coffee for you, and so it requires proper cleaning for hygiene and maintenance.

step by step guide on cleaning jura coffee maker

Which parts require frequent cleaning?

You need to understand which parts of your coffee machine need frequent cleaning. This understanding helps you take care of your expensive coffee maker and make sure you continue to get delicious and high-quality coffee.

1. Guide on cleaning of the water tank

1.1. Limestone deposition

The deposition of limescale in the water tank of any coffee machine narrows the pipes and lowers the heating efficiency. If these deposits increase over time and usage, it can break down the coffee machine completely. Whenever you heat water, it will generate limestone, which gets deposited in the pipes. It’s not just about getting collected, but also the taste of the coffee. Having a small amount of calcium carbonate enhances flavor, but too much can give your coffee an undesired taste. Moreover, the narrowing of pipes due to deposition can slow down the warming process with a considerable amount. This will cause the machine to consume more energy and even break it down due to excessive heat.

1.2. How does the CLEARYL water filter help?

Remember, the coffee you drink is nearly 98% water. The tap water contains lots of minerals in addition to lead and aluminum in some areas. If you are using bottled water like me than this does not apply to you. I use the CLEARYL water filter made by Jura inside the water tank to absorb all impurities. Being in the water tank itself, it does the heavy lifting work of removing impurities for you. It filters the water every time you prepare coffee. Moreover, you can avoid the need to go for the water tank’s descaling after some time.

This filter works excellently to prevent any deposition of limescale in the water tank of your brewer. However, it also needs changing after adding 50 liters of water for making coffee with your brewer, Jura E8, in my case. If you cannot keep track of the quantity of water you have used, it is pertinent to replace the water filter every two months. In case if you are brewing more drinks daily, then it makes sense to replace it every month.

1.3. Does RO system work?

Many customers say that they use RO water to make coffee with their machine, so they do not need a water filter. Therefore, it is always prudent to place a water filter if you are adding water manually to the water tank. You may avoid a water filter if your Jura coffee machine is connected directly to your water supply. 

2. Milk system cleaning

Fine-foam technology is one of the reasons why people prefer JURA over other brands. And why not? It allows you to enjoy your specialty beverages like latte macchiato, cappuccino, espresso macchiato at the comfort of your home. You will never revisit any coffee shop to get these beverages. Moreover, it is fun to experiment with these machines and prepare a drink for your significant other sometimes! To brew things correctly, your coffee maker removes the milk fats and proteins at times. So, it becomes necessary to ensure that the pipes are clog-free.

Like water tank cleaning, you need to clean the milk system of your Jura machines. This formulation is available in a 250 ml bottle, and it has been specially created for cleaning the milk system inside Jura machines. You can rinse the milk pout using this liquid cleaner that contains no phosphates. Jura milk system cleaner will not damage the material of the milk spout. The formulation effectively removes all milk proteins and fats to leave the pipes clean and hygienic for making fresh and tasty coffee time after time. If you do not know how often you need to clean the milk system, it is good to do the cleaning daily. It is the case when your coffee machine is being used daily for making coffee. 

3. Automatic cleaning system

If you have ever used a blender to make cold coffee at home, you know how your coffee stinks if you haven’t cleaned it thoroughly after the previous use. Imagine how unhygienic it can be to make a coffee in a machine that has been used and not cleaned properly. Do not worry as JURA, like other popular brands – Frankie and WMF is equipped with an automatic cleaning cycle. What this means is that the device gets cleaned regularly and adequately after a fixed period. The automatic machine will rinse the entire system from inside to get rid of every single piece of residue, whether it is coffee, milk, and sugar. 

Cleaning the machine with Jura cleaning tablets

In addition to the feature of automatic cleaning at regular intervals, you can also clean your Jura machine by using the descaling tabs. These tablets have been specially made by the manufacturer to help owners with the proper cleaning of their automatic espresso makers. You can use the tablet to clean anytime you desire. Moreover, it is even programmed to raise alerts for cleaning after prolonged use. This is ideally good for people who have demanding jobs and kind of forget to perform daily tasks. You can use the machine to make coffee for 1-2 weeks after receiving the warning for cleaning. However, it is advisable not to delay the cleaning after this time. These descaling tablets by Jura flush out the system from inside to get rid of any residues that may have got stuck.

Milk and coffee residues can turn rancid if left inside the coffee machine to ruin the taste of the coffee made with the maker. These residues can also clog the pipes inside the machine to hamper with its performance. To avoid this from happening, clean the device from inside by using descaling tablets.

Guide on using the JURA descaling tablets

This guide will help you to understand the steps involved in cleaning your brewers. Moreover, you can even understand the process on using the jura descaling tablets which are available in the market.

Total Time: 30 minutes


Go to clean machine from the menu on your display.

Select “clean machine” button

Once you click on the bright red button, it should open the following screen. This will show the next step, where in you need to select the clean button present on the entire screen.Next screen displayed on screen


With the display of your Jura E6 showing ‘ready to clean,’ press the rinse button.display rinse button

Check if empty tray is active

The display screen will show the Empty Tray. Please take out the tray and coffee glass container from the machine and reinsert the tray after emptying it.remove tray screen

Rinsing again

Place a bowl or a pitcher under the tap and press the rinse button again.


Your coffee machine does a pre-rinse, and then the display gets changed to “Add Tablet.”add tablet screen

Adding tablet

After the indication is displayed, you need to remove one tablet from the strip and place it in the bypass dozer. Once done, close the door, and the machine starts to clean it on its own after you press the rinse button in progress screen

Actual cleaning process

You will find water flowing out of the snout continuously during the cleaning process. Let it flow out as your device cleans itself.

Waiting for procedure to finish

The procedure lasts for around 15 – 20 minutes, after which water will stop flowing from the snout.

Post cleaning

Subsequenctly, when the cleaning is finished, display will be changed back to “Empty tray”.remove tray screen

Reinserting tray

Please take out the tray and place the coffee glass and reinsert it inside the machine.

Final Step

Once you perform the steps above, you will be greeted by the following complete screen

This is how cleaning your brewer takes place with the help of the manufacturer provided tablets. The process is all automatic, and you don’t need to do any cleaning manually. If you follow the steps of cleaning mentioned in this article, you will get yummy and healthy coffee for a long time. Moreover, proper brushing will also help with the maintenance of your expensive coffee machine.

Why you need to do descaling?

Descaling is one of the significant sources of wear out of household appliances dependent on mains water. I even perform the same operation on my decade-old washer dryer by LG. Yes, it lasted a decade for me. I just used the descaling powder, which is sold by LG. Sure, other brands sell them, but I still prefer to get it from the original manufacturer. No guesses here, the manufacturer is aware of the design and process used for making their product. Usually, they provide the best quality product for maintenance. Hence, that could be one of the reasons for the long-running performance of over a decade. And yes, that too without any repairs. Henceforth, taking care of your home appliances generally helps them perform better and increase their longevity and lifespan.

jura descaling tablets 2-phase 25 - for US, UK, Canada

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do you need to know about maintenance? 

The very first thing – use only genuine products offered by JURA for maintenance. You must follow all the instructions carefully. Besides, you need to take care that you use only the products and formulae prescribed by the manufacturer. 

How CLEARYL filters are suitable for worldwide usage?

The tap water available across different countries like the US, UK, Canada, and India varies greatly with varying amounts of limestone and mineral contents. Based on different regions, the material can be high or low. Besides limestone, other harmful chemicals like chlorine and heavy metals can also be present in the water. So, they have designed the filter in such a way that it will reduce the limestone content even if you are using soft water. The neutralization of the substances present in the water affects your taste of coffee significantly and hence, is helpful for worldwide usage.

Do you need to descale despite using the filter?

Generally, it isn’t required to descale if you are using the water filter. The filter ensures that your beverage is free of any harmful substances. 

What to do if limestone deposition is happening in spite of using the CLEARYL filter? How should you prevent this?

It is quite common for this to happen. You should ensure that you clean the water tank and fill it with fresh water daily. Another thing to take care of is, you should always wash your water reservoir thoroughly when you are going to replace filters. To do this, you must remove the water filter and fill it with water thoroughly. Now, dissolve three JURA cleaning tablets in the water and leave it still for some time. Later, just rinse with fresh water, and then you can install the new filter.

How many tablets do I need to use?

As per the manufacturer, one tablet should be sufficient for a single cleaning cycle.

In case if you have any questions or facing any issues, feel free to add your comment below. You should definitely checkout our extensive guide on the different types of espresso makers available in the market right now.

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  1. Hi
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    • Hi Kobi!

      Thanks for stopping by.
      For Jura E8, the rinse cycle popup will appear after you have prepared 180 drinks or performed 80 switch on rinses. Hope that answers your question!

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    The Jura 3X3 descaling tablets do not fit in my coffee machine They are square. These were sold to me from a Harvey Norman store. The previous ones were round dome shape. Can I break the square ones up to fit into my machine?

    • Hi Narelle,
      That should not be a problem I believe, since these tablets have sodium carbonate and percarbonate. Many users have even used these tablets in coffee makers of other brands and they work as expected. Just to confirm, I’d suggest you to call Jura customer care and get it clarified.


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