9 Incredible Jura Accessory Set For Milk Systems tricks

When it comes to coffee machines, no doubt Jura is one of the most popular brands available in the market today. And why shouldn’t they be? They have top of the line products with excellent after-sales as well. As time dies out, it is necessary to take care of your coffee machines. The same thing applies here as well! As you start using your brewer, it is natural that it might eventually get worn out and need a maintenance cycle. As mentioned previously, you need to maintain hygiene and clean it thoroughly to get the exact brew. In this article, we will see the accessory set available for the Jura.

What is an accessory set?

The brewers that prepare various beverages and are dependent on milk gets equipped with these sets. JURA recommends that you should replace them at least once in 3 months. In case if you are not frequent user, you can delay the replacement by another month or two. These sets contain nothing more than intake pipes, milk pipes, and connectors to hold them together. You will often notice that they come in different types viz HP1, HP2 or HP3.

HP1 vs. HP2 vs. HP3 variants: What is the difference?

This was the original question I had when I was on the lookout for the new set. Jura has a wide range of machines available in the market. Many of these have different features and launch cycles. So, every device is fitted with a different type of milk set, depending on the model. No source has explained these, so I have compiled an article to clarify the confusion.

milk system accessory - box contents

Now, which one should you buy? HP1 or something else?

Like I said, depending on the model and year of manufacture, the set version compatible with your machine might be different. Although the manufacturer has listed compatible products on its site, it is sometimes tricky to fetch it. You have to skim through the manual of various products to find this information. To make things simpler, I have added the compatible models alongside the specific set in tabular form. You can bookmark this post or save it to refer it at a later time.

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Comparison Chart

E8 (2015 model) PlatinGIGA 5Z8
E8 (2015 model) Dark InoxGIGA 6Z6
E80GIGA X9 Professional / X9CJ6 / J600
E6 / E60 / E600
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GIGA X8 Professional / X8CS8 / S80
D6 / D60 / D600GIGA X7 Professional / X7CE8
A9 / A900GIGA X3 Professional / X3CE8 Chrome (2015 edition) - Check out our E8 Chrome review
A7 / A700GIGA X8 / X8C
WE8 (2016 model)X10
WE8 (2019 edition)
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