Why is McDonald’s coffee so hot? Find out now!

Coffee is considered to be a hot beverage. It is bound to be hot. However, McDonald’s coffee is warmer than usual. How hot it is, you ask? Coffee from McDonald’s is 180 degrees Fahrenheit hot. That is 82 degrees Celsius approximately. This temperature is ten times hotter than the average temperature of a brewed coffee at home or any other coffee shop. McDonald’s’ coffee is considered to be the hottest hot beverage in the industry.

Reasons for the coffee being so hot

Now, coming to the reason for their coffee being so hot. The whole concept is based on keeping and serving the coffee fresh. When it comes to coffee, the heat is equalized to freshness—the hotter the heat, the fresher the coffee. Boiling water is added to brew the coffee and then served fresh. The whole point of keeping the coffee hot is to keep it fresh for a longer time, at least that is the reason provided by the team at McDonald’s.

Another reason for keeping their coffee burning hot is for travelling customers. McDonald’s makes their coffee so hot to keep it hot and fresh for people travelling long distances. As it is said, coffee keeps the sleep away, and it indeed does in this case. Hot coffee helps keep the sleep away.

Serving coffee at this high burning temperature is also a reason to save coffee. According to McDonald’s, hot coffee at the temperature of 180-190 degrees Fahrenheit helps save coffee.

People often get confused and curious about how they serve or even obtain such high temperatures of their coffees. A temperature this hot to brew and serve coffee is not achieved even by the best coffee making machines.

Law-suits faced by McDonald’s in the past

Due to its infamously hot coffee, the company has faced a lot of law-suits as well. The temperature of their coffee, being up to 80 degrees Celsius, can cause burns. To prevent this from happening, McDonald’s’ has introduced thick cups.

Thicker cups have proven to be beneficial in the case of their hot coffee. However, they still haven’t changed or even lowered the temperature of their coffee. The primary justification of the company for the law-suits was of the commuters who travel extended distances.

why is mcdonald's coffee so hot?

There are endless requests and complaints of the hot coffee causing burns due to being served at such a high temperature. McDonald’s, being a megawatt fast-food chain, changed the serving cups but kept the coffee’s soaring temperature the same. If you are interested to find out more, you can check out this famous lawsuit filed by a lady against McDonald’s in America. She had reportedly suffered third degree burns from McDonald’s coffee, you can check out this link to know more about it.

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