Miele CM5300 review 2022 – Is it worth buying?

Are you looking for an aromatic cup of coffee that can recharge you to carry on with your work-related necessities? Are you habitual of taking coffee during your professional needs so that you can enhance your concentration level? If yes, is your answer, then you are at the right place. The article specifically talks about features, qualities, and other amazing things we like about the Miele CM5300.

After all, the CM5300 coffee machine is the name that needs no introduction. It gives you a soothing and refreshing taste with every sip you don’t want to miss. The machine becomes more of a companion for you. You know you can easily remove your morning sickness or afternoon laziness by sipping a coffee, increasing your love, association, and dependence like never before. Let’s know about Miele cm5300 in detail.

Overview of features offered

Dimensions18.2 x 9.5 x 14.25 inches
Weight20 pounds
Water reservoir capacity1.3 litres or 44 oz
Bean hopper capacity200 grams
Dual spoutsYes
Height adjustable dual coffee spouts80 – 135 mm
Max Servings8
Beverage optionsCoffee, espresso, ristretto, long coffee, cappuccino, latte macchiato, hot milk, milk froth
Cable length1.2 metres
Warranty1 year
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Miele CM5300 review – Is it worth the expensive price tag?

1. Durable and stylish

The charismatic and stylish Miele carries its design gracefully. When compared to CM6 and CM7, it does look thinner as its composition is not bulky. The manufacturers haven’t created a structure where the device may waste space, so one can find a lot of convenience towards placing it in less space.

Proper care has been undertaken to keep it as minimal in size. Although it is regarded as an ideal machine with the room as by looking at its front to back depth, it is 460mm.

As far as the dimensions are concerned, the machine boasts measurements of 18.2 x 9.5 x 14.25 inches and weighs around 20 pounds. Sure the weight is little high if we compare it with other models that are well under 20 pounds, but the difference isn’t that huge. It shouldn’t be noticeable in real world usage.

cm5300 image

2. One can program the drinks menu

Do you know that Miele cm5300 gives you the chance and convenience to create a customized drink menu every time based on the factors in the form of a doze, temperature, and length? Yes, it does the same where you can make it happen as per your longing without any conditions. Isn’t it great to expect a coffee with customized features? Yes, indeed.

3. Easy and straightforward to use

Operating Miele cm5300 is possibly the easiest thing you can do. It has a front panel with touch controls where you have buttons for espresso, coffee, cappuccino, and latte macchiato. There are other pre-sets for hot water, ristretto, etc. However, it is essential to mention that if you are fond of Americano, then due to the absence of an option, the alternative option for you is to concoct from espresso and hot water pre-sets.

You don’t have to worry or think twice about placing a sufficiently larger mug, thanks to the excellent range which the machine offers as it can be sufficient to put coffee cups as per your desire. Yes, the spout is adjustable and can accommodate the mugs within the height of 80-135 mm.

It also comes with twin nozzles or spouts so that you can get two drinks of the same type right at the same time.


4. Touch of a button

The ‘one-touch button’ feature increases the simplicity where operating becomes the easiest thing to go. Additionally, it adds to the safety aspect when it comes to children as well.

drink selection menu

5. Ensures consistency when it comes to taste and quality

Built for long-time use, you will find that the quality of coffee is consistent, and considering the enhanced technicality which it has undergone, there is no compromise when it comes to the same.

6. Separate milk tube

You can attach a flexible milk tube to the right side of the spout head, which can be used for pouring milk into drinks that needs frothing. However, there is no separate milk container provided with the machine itself. You will have to buy one for yourself.

7. Water reservoir

The water container has capacity of 1.3 litres, which is more than sufficient to brew 8 cups at one go. Some amount if this water is used for self-cleansing function as well. This reservoir capacity should suffice for single or couple. If there are more than 2 or 3 members present in the family, you will find yourself filling the water reservoir quite often.

8. Ground coffee and bean container

One of the advantages of getting one of these is the options to use both – the ground coffee or the beans itself. At the top right side of the brewer, you will find the bean grinder cover, which has rubber seal to keep the fresh. Next to this, you will find the chute that delivers the ground coffee dose.

bean hopper

9. Miele cm5300 offers perfect harmony for you

You know you are in great harmony with a coffee machine whose association will create many delicious moments. The device is designed perfectly to prepare a series of different tastes, which adds to its expertise. You can’t only taste the result, but you can also ‘smell,’ ‘see,’ and ‘hear’ the taste in making.

10. Peace of mind – The most important one!

Are you looking to make the right decision at the right time where you equally ensure complete peace of mind? If yes, then there can’t be another option that is as awesome as this one possibly. Here you can create moments of joy, happiness, and years of satisfaction where you know you don’t regret.

After all, it is a one-time investment that will continue to give fruits forever. To ensure your best buy with a coffee machine that delivers to what it promises and as you will use it, you know that you will include yourself amongst the satisfied list of clients.

11. Refer reviews online

You can also monitor and take note of the reviews that are there online. The satisfying reactions of people going for Miele cm5300 are just an addition to the heightened expectations that clients have for the machine. Likewise, it is going to fulfill the desires of one and all with all the greatness. Amidst the list of machines available online, you can check out the outstanding features which the device has to offer for you. Miele is simply the best bargain that your money can fetch for you!

12. Miele is synonymous with outstanding quality

Miele is renowned and known to be creating a class of its own, thanks to German engineering since 1899. The quality is simply incredible where the products are known for their sophistication since they are durable and feature long life.


13. Aromatic System

What becomes the most evident and self-experiencing way of judging a coffee? Well, it has to be the ‘aromatic smell’ coming out of the coffee. It creates such an excellent and everlasting feature that gives a picture on your mind about the kind of coffee you will taste. It can only be possible with a quality coffee machine.

Yes, you will be happy to know that Miele CM5300 offers an unimaginable room for more enhanced and sophisticated taste. As per the inbuilt features, the brew chamber expands while the water flows in. Due to the thorough mixing of ground coffee with water, the final output tastes even extraordinary. Hence, there is no stopping for you towards ensuring an aromatic coffee that merely tastes great with every sip you have.

14. Extended warranty

You have an option of buying extending warranty for your Miele machine. You can extend warranty for up to 5 years including the manufacturer warranty. For more details, do checkout this link.

Unboxing video

Making two lattes:

Using different flavoured milk with 5300

How to clean Miele CM5300 coffee maker?

Do you want to ensure that the cleaning process is quick and straightforward? Are you looking for a device that can make the whole process of cleaning a child’s play? If yes, then be cheerful as the cleaning process is automatic after you have used it, followed by a rinse when you switch it on.

cleaning - miele cm5300 review

Thanks to the removable components present in the machine, you can ensure a hygienic experience. Additionally, it has an automatic cleaning process which only simplifies your concern as well. You can also go to the menu, and there you get the option of machine cleaning. Other than that, you can quickly rinse the milk tube. The waste goes all the way down to the bottom of the brewer.

There is an alarm in the machine where you know that you have to empty the tray. The process is speedy and hardly takes a couple of minutes. To give you a rough understanding of the extent of a period when you need to clean it up, that will be after 50 uses. The number is self-explanatory about the extent of use you can experience as it requires very minimal care.

The rejected beans dispatcher and the drip tray are removable and dishwasher safe. Moreover, the water reservoir is also fitted with hinges and can be removed completely from either the top or the side. If your coffee machine gets used frequently, it is recommended to remove all the parts and clean them thoroughly and even perform rinse cycle every week.

Checkout the following video to know more on how to clean


  • Durably build along with having a charismatic style.
  • Sumptuous tasting espresso.
  • Cleaning is simple and automatic.
  • Serves up to 8 cups.
  • Perfection in terms of result, with a highly intense flavor of coffee.
  • Compact super automatic espresso machine
  • Features one-touch operations, which also creates a safer mechanism for children.
  • Quality taste every single time.


  • Absence of Americano preset.
  • Due to minimal directions in terms of icons or menu system, one may have to familiarize first before actually learning the art of using it with perfection.

Final thoughts – Should you get one?

The drinks will only enhance your addiction and make you forget the thought of visiting a coffee shop anytime soon. After all, getting a relishing taste of a great coffee can be achieved in few simple steps where it can be possibly swift, and you can attain a mouthwatering and superb taste you don’t want to miss for sure. You can even checkout the Ena Micro 5 in the same price range, which is by the premium brand Jura.

Your guests will love to describe your exceptional love for your coffee while you serve them an aromatic and classy cup at the touch of a button. So, don’t delay and create moments of ease and happiness like never before.

Don’t wait to associate yourself with Miele, as your long-term association will be the reality. The online reviews of satisfied clients who have to say all the good things about the product will ease you in your decision-making process. So, get a perfect taste every single time without waiting any further.

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